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  1. 5m rsgp ea, still cheaper than 2 bonds + 3 extra days
  2. We can use a middleman. It’s using mobile. Rsgp only add me on discord: muradkid
  3. also when i click 'start' on the gui it doesnt work but if i click the red close button on the gui it starts up
  4. so the bot did this and then on the debug part it said it took a screenshot for where the bot got stuck?
  5. i had to restart the client. it wasnt letting me run any type of script but its good now
  6. im a free user and everytime i try to run a script it says i can only run free scripts every 3 days but i have 2 paid scripts???
  7. how about a garlic collector? id love a bot like that
  8. doesnt let me use looking glass on bot
  9. he could be overrated but hes had enough amazing tracks to put him in that position
  10. muradkhid


    its a pretty fun game once you try it
  11. its not bad my ears hurt a little but its a nice tingly sensation
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