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  1. Was just posting logs like yourself, not sure how to include break times @Worthy
  2. Woops accidently pasted client debug, is there a way to find it still after closing tribot? also is it possible to do it on a pure? using armardyl c bow?
  3. By the boat I dont have a break setup must of been a dc Advanced client
  4. Not too sure what im doing wrong but one of the accounts i use has a problem when logging back in it just stands there and logs out due to inactivity(usally after getting 2 kills from zulrah) it could possibly be whenever ahrims 100 goes to 75 and the script doesnt register the same item EDIT: [12:13:50] Login bot started. [12:13:50] Login Bot: Login... [12:13:59] Login bot succeeded. [12:14:00] Login bot started. [12:14:00] Login Bot: Login... [12:14:02] Login bot succeeded. [12:16:36] FINISH MSG: Ending script due to 8 minute timeout inactivity. [12:16:36] Make sure the timeout is simply not too short. Read the documentation to double check everything is set up correctly. [12:16:36] If you have already done this, and the stop is unexpected, send the information in the Bot Debug tab to Worthy. Hope this helps, I had world world changer selected OFF (not sure why it was logging out)
  5. Loving the script, do I need to buy 2 monthly to use 2 accounts?
  6. Do a support ticket on the virmach website and say your proxys are flagged and say why. Ended up finding a new provider.
  7. Thanks @swagg, thought about that after posting this, tested it as quick as i could and its confimed not working.
  8. http://services.runescape.com/m=news/remember-username-tooltips-and-wilderness-wars?oldschool=1 link to the new login ALL bots will not work.
  9. Is there a way to make it not sit on top of the hills for 5-10 seconds? seems botty as, tempted to buy it though nice script! Edit: Also froze trying to turn auto retaliate off before entering the tomb.
  10. How do you make it continue after leveling a magic level? Also keeps trying to hop in betweeen the worlds after logging out.
  11. This might seem like a silly question, but i've noticed there's tutorial bots and bots to move to desired places and gathering things. Does this mean manually doing things has a higher chance of you getting banned in terms of keeping the same mouse speed?
  12. My bad bro been awake too long. >press the 3 lines below exit browser >settings >advanced >scroll down till you find proxy settings >use custom proxy >press the blue linked word manage proxy >insert IP/port/username/pw
  13. > Go top right corner of browser >click the bottom setting >look for the proxy part and press use proxy > add the deets If you're unsure it worked or not check your IP using google
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