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  1. the bot works perfectly fine i just had 1 "bug" or mistake how ever you want to call it. I left the bot while i was walking the dog, came back 3 hours later and it was logged off, i thought maybe lagg or something or update, i logged in an i found myself out the nature altar xD, i was usiing the abbys method so i beluve it was just a bots missclick and then he couldn't go back in the altar so what i did i wear a nat tiara just incase it happens again, but for everything else is perfect! thankyou! <3
  2. I boted 75-99 str 70-99 att 62-99 def, 75-99 str non stop 24h then i had to quit rs for 7months came back and got 70-99 att nd 62-99 def in 2 weeks usin aiocombat, i got 1-99 wc all boted same as 1-99 flecthing, i abused the botting, but didn't get banned, why ? Because i didn't bot skills with a high rate ban such as rc and hunter, if you want to bot those skills, do breaks of 1-2hours after o being botting for 2hours.. Simple .
  3. One thing to this i love the chat responder today i was baby sitting my bot at orgers after getting 99wc with encoded and this guy i asked him if he was there he said hes getting sleep and the bot goes "i thought you couldnt sleep" he replies what lol the bot keep going and having a conversation with this guy. When i say i was amazed this bot has been a good thing to me getting my first 99 becuase All the other oldschool bots ive been banned and hacked from withing weeks of boting and playing. My account has not logged off for more then 8 hours total in a month and no black marks thank you so much thought i share a story
  4. Bought 8Credits, Fast & Easy Deal! Thanks!
  5. "Doesn't work, it doesn't even talk to the Judge, it keeps klicking the target without arrows?..." It happens the same to me ... please fix it !