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  1. the bot works perfectly fine i just had 1 "bug" or mistake how ever you want to call it. I left the bot while i was walking the dog, came back 3 hours later and it was logged off, i thought maybe lagg or something or update, i logged in an i found myself out the nature altar xD, i was usiing the abbys method so i beluve it was just a bots missclick and then he couldn't go back in the altar so what i did i wear a nat tiara just incase it happens again, but for everything else is perfect! thankyou! <3
  2. niightzthc

    How is ban rate currently?

    I boted 75-99 str 70-99 att 62-99 def, 75-99 str non stop 24h then i had to quit rs for 7months came back and got 70-99 att nd 62-99 def in 2 weeks usin aiocombat, i got 1-99 wc all boted same as 1-99 flecthing, i abused the botting, but didn't get banned, why ? Because i didn't bot skills with a high rate ban such as rc and hunter, if you want to bot those skills, do breaks of 1-2hours after o being botting for 2hours.. Simple .
  3. "Doesn't work, it doesn't even talk to the Judge, it keeps klicking the target without arrows?..." It happens the same to me ... please fix it !