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  1. what is wrong with the script version 2 doesn't even start version 3 runs
  2. Thanks Fluffee that link did the justice, although after i've setup a new VPS which might turn out to produce more in the long run.. Cheers
  3. Still the same error, blank tribot_loader the comp doesnt seem to know how to open with java... any help i have no clue
  4. I was running just fine then all of the sudden I close and go to re-open nothing is loading at all. I have given JDK 8 a shot and JRE 8.211 & JRE 8.212... What's going on?
  5. Figured out the Center Tile issue for starting off Custom Setup - Now why won't this script open coin pouch - or - destroy coin pouch? Without a doubt this needs to be fixed
  6. I've got a problem with this script not actually dropping a coin pouch for any matter it isn't allowing me to proceed using my custom setup. I'd like the refund of my $$$ in order of this script not even working properly for me to walk away from it.
  7. Floyd Money Mayweather obviously. FM is from my city too. McGregor is another joke just not so much to be beaten badly. FMM might prove that wrong though and just beat McGregor to a pulp!
  8. Anybody have a idea if bots are out there for Private Server botting?? I think its a safe way to do a little extra for the community too. PM me if you need to answer that message in Private. Thanks!
  9. Again YoHoJo, always flawless and entirely has my support! Thank's for another credit transfer, huge 18M/15Credit TY!
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