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    After a 5+ year leave of absence I am back, this time not with deobs or my own bots but instead scripts for one of if not the strongest bots in RS today. If you need anything at all leave me a note or add me on skype.

    Thanks for visiting my profile.

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  1. It can ne used to flush your system not just for THC at higher doses. It also opens up your veins to allow more blood flow.
  2. I feel like I already know you, hmm. Welcome to the site.
  3. dcthugs93

    Repo Suggestion

    I think it's done automatically.
  4. What do you guys think? I feel it would attract more members to donate as they can be really annoying.
  5. I have been taking them for a while now so I will take 2 in the morning and sometimes I will take one more in the afternoon. 6 of them a day would still be too much for me but I do take this in conjunction with other things like creatine (10 size 00 capsules/745mg*10) and caffeine(140mg) if I am planning to have a long day. I do have these as well in blisters and was considering making another thread for those.
  6. Thats right. I will pay 5 mill 07 or 20 mill rs3 gold to the first person to grab a 5 hour progress report on the premium woodcutter script that can be linked in my signature. For the next 24 hours the full version is available. During your testing please report any bugs you may find so I can fix them as soon as possible. Thanks
  7. How so? In what scenario would you use this?
  8. Can you show a pic of the error and PM me the script? I will take a look at it/fix it.
  9. And taking natural herbs that boost your testosterone is even better than that
  10. You just make it in notepad or any text editor then save it in the TextScriptingEngine folder in .tribot folder, then it will load the text files, you can then edit them if youde like via the gui and save them.
  11. dcthugs93


    Can you give some more details?
  12. It really does. I take these myself every morning just to help keep my focused throughout my work day. I don't mind the libido being boosted either, as that doesn't hurt anything if anything it helps out. No matter who you are your not perfect and there's always room for improvements. They are $1 a pill so 100 pills(10 blister packs) = $100 and comes with free shipping. I am using some of the best extracts you can find on the market as it has 150mg of Korean Ginseng Root Extract I would start at around 1-2 pills per day and work yourself up from there.
  13. You know your herbs. It will boost your testosterone levels and libido over time. It will increase your stamina and energy. So after you get ripped you have the libido to do something with the girls hovering over you
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