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    After a 5+ year leave of absence I am back, this time not with deobs or my own bots but instead scripts for one of if not the strongest bots in RS today. If you need anything at all leave me a note or add me on skype.

    Thanks for visiting my profile.

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  1. Click the paintable display tab.
  2. Alright lets do it. Please add my skype in my sig.
  3. I will do 8.5:1 right now if you want.
  4. wonder what your dinners are like
  5. Your computers hardware.
  6. Umm, you should worry about bigger problems then Runescape experience if your getting a BSOD. I highly doubt it's related to tribot or java.
  7. I feel like I already know you, hmm. Welcome to the site.
  8. I don't think so? Did he scam or what?
  9. Thanks, I appreciate that.
  10. Make sure you loaded up the RS3 client
  11. Thats right. I will pay 5 mill 07 or 20 mill rs3 gold to the first person to grab a 5 hour progress report on the premium woodcutter script that can be linked in my signature. For the next 24 hours the full version is available. During your testing please report any bugs you may find so I can fix them as soon as possible. Thanks
  12. How so? In what scenario would you use this?
  13. https://tribot.org/forums/topic/29135-rs3-text-scriptable-engine-beta-lite-is-here/
  14. Kind of using a script that makes it really easy to make scripts without programming knowledge.
  15. You can use my text scripting engine to make a combat script.