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  1. I was vip when tribot first opened but I never renewed it. I just had it when I was first gold farming.
  2. The last screenshot was taken by Bawsz because my puu.sh was not working. We do not live in the same country so the timezones are different. More proof we are not the same person?
  3. I accidentally posted that screenshot, I edited it right after. Also, as you can see Yoloswag already admitted to the mods that he had "account shared" in the past, so if the mods were going to ban him for that they would have already. He had my account info because we were running a gold farm together previously. He never shared his personal account with anyone, and he did not use this account to vouch for himself. I vouched for him as I was using his service. Edit: Also, if anyone was breaking a tribot rule, it was me, I let him have the account info as he needed it to help setup bots on the vps. At the time that I gave him my info he did not have his own tribot account, so how would he know or be able to abide by the site rules if he was not a member of it himself? I deserve a ban if anyone.
  4. Loggedout is my account not bawsz's. He was not vouching for himself. [8/15/13 8:21:39 PM] BAWSZ - YoloSwag69420 - PINS IN STOCK, TRIBOT/OSBOT VIP, BUYING 07: thats fine [8/15/13 8:21:43 PM] BAWSZ - YoloSwag69420 - PINS IN STOCK, TRIBOT/OSBOT VIP, BUYING 07: all we need is the info [8/15/13 8:21:45 PM] BAWSZ - YoloSwag69420 - PINS IN STOCK, TRIBOT/OSBOT VIP, BUYING 07: so you can get your gold [8/15/13 8:21:46 PM] Nick: if the guy unbans it Here is a skype log of me talking to him about the service. Which is why I vouched. In this log I was a bit skeptical that the guy was going to keep my gold, but I ended up using the service anyways.
  5. vouchez for the guide nigga next time im tryina make a "payment" for "goodz" ill try my best 2 keep it "legit". Lowkey tho sometimes u gotta make an extra "flip" when u buyin gold if u know what im saying
  6. I'd suggest looking for stability / low ban rates, above high profits per hour. If you are mass botting its very important for the bots to be able to run flawlessly without you having to set them up again etc.
  7. sounds good, how easy is it going to be to sell the d imp jars? and whats the estimated profit with 99 hunt?
  8. I've literally never seen this happen. It's probably your fault. You probably didn't disable user input. You probably moved your mouse as the bot clicked.Its literally impossible.This happened to me as well they did it twice they bought 3k of the item @ 300 ea for 900k but right as the bot accepts they changed to 100k, then it went to second trade screen the bot did not check the second trade screen and accepted. These two times happened when i was checking something else (i usualy babysit this bot) but they were trying to go for a third time when i got back, i watched them fail a few times on first trade screen each time it declined then all the sudden they changed at right moment when bot clicked accept, it did it sat then started to move towards accept, i manualy declined. i told them to fk off and they retraded and showed me 6k of the item and asked what bot i was using because they scammed it. i checked past trades and and it said that player had bought the 3k twice, which should have left me with at least 1.8m all i had was 915k and this is because it sold a few thousand to other players. So to sum it all up I started with no money in inv and after selling about 8.5k only had 915k in inv. I know the amount of the item I started with and the 8.5k of the item is missing. The reason I went into this much detail is because when I asked the scripter about it his response was that its impossible and my fault. I tried to send him a screenie with the past trades and the money in my inv, and he immedietly turned his skype to show offline. I don't care about the money i lost, but now I am scared to run the script. Scripter won't reply so i guess i will just ask for advice here so feel free to share. This bot does not read the second trade screen so imo it is not safe to use or prepared to sell. stop trippin' nigga
  9. I free style my destiny its not written in pages
  10. vouch for wussupwussup probably one of the best script writers on tribot very HQ scripts.
  11. never saw 21 yall the river runs deep vouch for my boy r2pleasent hes got the highest prices out all of the gold sellers, very HQ user. +1
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