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  1. littlered

    Looking for Advice

    I already write all my own scripts anyway so no problem there. Thanks again for the reply! Good luck with your research! Thanks LittleRed
  2. littlered

    Looking for Advice

    Ah, this is disheartening, I used to be able to bot all weekend before receiving a ban on the Monday. Do you have any advice to offer in regards to prolonging account life other than the general don't overdo it etc... Thanks Littlered
  3. littlered

    Looking for Advice

    Does this include receiving bans on a weekend? Thanks for the reply. LittleRed
  4. littlered

    Looking for Advice

    Hi there, so I have decided to come back to botting after a couple of years out of the game. I was just wondering, before i got started, whether or not proxies are still effective at avoiding bans? There can't be too many proxies left out there by now that haven't been flagged? I will mostly be suicide botting over the weekends, if this is still viable? Does anyone have any info on weekend bans? Overall I was just wondering if anyone had any info regarding ban rates and any effective means of prolonging an accounts life? I understand people aren't going to want to give out any personal strategies and as such i am only asking for generalised advice. Thanks LittleRed
  5. Thankyou for this! i had no idea that the settings contained different values! this will greatly improve some of my scripts! P.S First!
  6. littlered

    Basic attack case

    put attackNPC(yourNPC); inside the FIGHT case
  7. littlered

    Basic attack case

    I haven't made any combat scripts so not sure if this is right but you say it is spam clicking the pirates when you start the script, I would assume this is because Isunderattack will always return false until you are actually in combat with the npc? Maybe put in a conditional sleep? Littlered
  8. littlered

    I bought 2 day VIP but it only worked for a day?

    The system updates at the end of every day, so if you purchase VIP at 11 pm the first day gets used up at 0:00, meaning you only get 25 hours of vip, its hsppened to me loads of times, it's a joke I know
  9. littlered

    Reading game message / eventlistener

    https://tribot.org/doc/ -> org.tribot.script.interfaces -> messageListening ​ Littlered
  10. littlered

    Looking glass

    o unfortunately it doesnt pick up the runescape client either, if you want to use proxies then set the proxy on your firefox client and then connect to that via the looking glass
  11. No coal to be had for under 200gp each! think this method is no longer gonna be viable until people stop running so many damned accounts
  12. littlered

    Only use a proxy for botting accounts?

    In answer to your question if you set the proxies on the tribot client then they will not change your ip on osbuddy, so the accounts should never be liked to each other
  13. littlered

    looking for a lifetime script

    Isn't everyone looking for this?
  14. littlered

    Not able to create Runescape account.

    You sure it changed? if it did then this is really confusing, try deleting all cookies, files history etc from browser history? Littlered