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  1. really thank you for this
  2. tbh idk what els to put. i click download on the website. it downloads the installer. i try to install it. it pops up that image i shown when i first posted this topic.
  3. no like it wont even let me in that mode. it just shows that error message everytime i try to install it
  4. http://gyazo.com/1882e58b0641c9dad7d7a33922e13b82 this keeps popping up. i have installed the current java. its pissing me off now.
  5. this script wont even start for me??
  6. stupid question. does this get clues for you then do them or do you have to get the clues yourself.
  7. thanks!
  8. Ive been using range with this. a little bothered by how the bot is slow to pick up arrows or just doesn't pick it up at all. so kind of a waste of arrows not being picked up. other than that good solid script