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  1. 1-60 without any problem, so easy to setup accounts.
  2. Make sure to change your proxies after you get a couple of accounts banned on each guys, I ended up with 10 flagged proxies and lost 20 accounts within a week.
  3. I woud like to apologize for blaming the script for my bans, my proxies got obviously flagged after creating some new accounts and getting banned within hours.
  4. I had some combat levels on each accounts along with some quests completed and fishing was leveled up on member worlds after buying membership. I used smart breaks too.
  5. 10 accounts on 10 different proxies, ALL banned overnight. I'm done with this script, it's not a matter of flagged IP it's a matter of script being detected.
  6. Time to yolo my only remaining woodcutting account and see if it's working right.
  7. Client's debug says it failed the Mysterious Old Man random event when it actually didn't.
  8. Didn't get the error again yet, weird.
  9. Earlier today, I had the same error message I posted a couple of posts ago but when I logged in, my axe wasn't even broken.
  10. Guess I got unlucky, all these accounts were about 1 week old. Got 1 account that survived wich was created a couple of weeks ago. From my experience, when accounts last more than 2 weeks they are good to go for a long time. Rarely happens, had 2 so far in about 15.
  11. Logging in on some accounts this morning, everthing is going fine. After a couple of minutes I check back on the accounts, all logged out trying to worldhop from botting worlds, trying to log back in, all perm-banned.
  12. I did, multiple times.