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  1. https://tribot.org/forums/topic/23799-high-cpu-usage-thread/?p=453091 The above link details the problem in about as much detail as I can give. I understand usually the problems very specific, but I use a lot of scripts, and to be frank the problems started since the client update, pure and simple. I suspect the "freezing issues" experienced by other users are similar in nature to mine.
  2. Did you follow the guide linked above? Yes What is the CPU usage before you start a script? 20% What is the CPU usage after you start a script? Initially, 50%, but after 40 minutes this rises to 80%, an hour and 100% What script are you using? Various What version of TRiBot are you using? Release 9.134_3 What version of Java is TRiBot using? 1.7.0_60 32-Bit What operating system are you using? Windows 7 Do you experience high CPU usage with other scripts? Yes What is the "Max Heap Size" set to as defined in the TRiBot Login? 1024 (4 running per client) What is your Client Paint Delay? 25 Are you running lite mode? No, Have tried with lite mode on, no difference Do you minimize TRiBot while botting? Yes, have tried this ,again the same result TriBot had none of these CPU/Freezing/Slowing issues before the most recent update 5/07/14
  3. Yeah again, since the update CPU usage is through the roof, it really slows the bot down, which is probably the cause of all the recent client freezes too. Please make the implemented updates optional settings.
  4. Since this update, I have experienced numerous problems similar to those described above. The update interferes with both the normal running of my scripts and also induces freezing/severe slowing of the client altogether if left for long enough, to the point where as pointed out- it becomes unusable. As suggested already, an option to turn off the additions would be appreciated.
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