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  1. what scripts you using to bot those accounts mate ?
  2. i had a max melee main i had a max melee main from this last year lol had over 300 drag defenders like 40m bank from it. and i was stupid enough to bot zulrah and got it perm banned gf lol. im about to start a new one now im back
  3. i did yews and magics. tbh mate i dont know how i got there lol i didnt do safe botter i was still doing up to 20hrs daily. ive had 99 fletch on around 5 accounts. ant done fletching for a while now tho so im not sure what bans are like atm
  4. ohh ive never used proxies so its confusing aha
  5. does it matter what ip i make the account on?
  6. im looking to start a small farm just t o suppy me with some gp im thinking of running around 1-3 accounts do you recommend i used proxies an how many? best place to buy proxies? any tips ill be thankful
  7. yes i botted 200m fletch mate
  8. im wondering how much my account would be worth its a level 3 skiller with 200million fletching xp and almost 99 cooking
  9. You know anywhere I can find individuals who sell
  10. I wondering if there's any services to buy osrs on tribot ? And the best/cheapest sites thank you
  11. hows the script running atm guys?
  12. ive had decent accounts survive i have an account with 200m fletching xp thats in the top page on fletching. i also had a maxed main 100% botted until i started zulrah which was high ban rate and got it banned my bad ahaha
  13. alright well im not sure if im doing it wrong but im only getting 13k attack xp an hour lol id get more at lummy cows aha?