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  1. This bot is muchhhh faster....all 4 pouches USA pulls around 1400 nats/hr last time I used it, warfronts around 1650-1700, this was tipping 2k easily. If I didn't just get permed i'd be buying it right now...
  2. Thanks! I Just noticed the beta as i posted my comment lol I've been using it for a few hours now and I can guarantee i'll be getting in on the presale, looks like im about to own my third RC bot lol. EDIT: Going to have to retract that last statement as my 100% maxed RS3 account, 2000+ total OSRS just got permed...Just as I hit 91 RC too. Time to quit lol. Ill add that this account has botted since the days of Aryan, has never had a single offense, and I haven't had a botting related ban in 4+ years. I'm not going to put the blame on this script as that's kind of moronic, I just feel it's worth pointing out this is the last script I used before getting banned.
  3. I don't think you understand how things work around here. Someone just give this idiot his refund and send him on his way. Shit, send me your paypal and i'll give you $8 to never come back to this site spouting off absolute utter bullshit. This is the best script i've used on tribot, and warfront is extremely helpful and reliable. Everything is tested extensively before release, if you think these people are that unprofessional that they would distribute untested and unreliable content, you're sadly mistaken. Just be glad you didn't buy USA's runecrafter or you'd be told to sit down, shut up and cop it on the chin, or be accused of being 'done with the bot' and trying to manipulate him for a refund. Give some respect to the people who actually deserve it around here, warfront being one of them.
  4. Autorune was the first runescape bot as far as I'm aware, and it's been around since classic. It was also somehow used for a major dupe, not sure on how that works but it apparently was a little bit more than just a bot.
  5. Yes, safe mode disables the paint. If your pc doesn't lag at all don't worry about safe mode, I think it's just for ancient PC's.
  6. Wait what? Since when has anyone ever recommended high att/str, low def for a staker? Honestly the first time i'm ever seeing advice like this. I'm not too big on staking but from what I can recall, low def is going to get you shredded. I was always under the impression that a beast staker was more along the lines of 99-70-99, or similar. High att/def, with slightly lower str... As i said, not big on staking, but i've played this shitty game since classic and once again, never seen anyone recommend 45 defense for a melee staker.
  7. I have to 'lol' at this post. I'm leaning towards a flagged IP...Are you using a proxy/vps, or home IP? And have you been banned before on that IP? I'm on my second month of using this for 8+ hours a day on 2 accounts, no bans yet. No bot world transfers, nothing of the sort. Have used cosmics, law balloon, natures via abyss, natures via fairy rings. DO Recommend. Also here's a 6 hour law ballooning proggy with all 4 pouches + super energies enabled. I haven't ran into any more issues. Massive improvement, running +300 runes/hr
  8. A problem I hit in the first 20 minutes is that the bot accidentally clicked an empty vial at the altar, so it kept trying to spam click using the vial on the altar. Was stuck in a loop till i clicked it off EDIT: It's about to hit 3 hours without encountering the same issue, running awesome. 1550 laws/hr with a small break (15-20 mins).
  9. Mine can do this occasionally, it's not often enough to really affect it too much though. It looks like it only happens when it misclicks something and is waiting for a response. Eg bot tries to click bank booth, but misses. The bot then waits x amount of seconds for bank screen to open so it can pull out ess, if the bank screen doesn't appear, it will try to open it again. Seems to happen most when my bot client is running a bit laggy so I always assumed it was just my pc causing it. If you mean it opens the bank, then stands with the bank screen open and waits, that shouldn't be happening. Make sure all required items are visible at the top of bank
  10. The only people posting are the ones who are dying using the abyss. Obviously if people aren't having issues, they aren't going to come here and post. Personally I've only died twice using abyss and I'm over 91 runecrafting, and that was easily 3 weeks ago (before i decided to combat up to 115). You're either at a shit combat level for abyss crafting, or you make yourself look like an obvious bot, or you're an idiot with private chat set to on and you're getting stalked. If you haven't noticed, you can actually see how many people are actively using the script now via the repository. Where are the other 280 people complaining about deaths via the abyss, and the necessity of pouch pick up? Quoting 2 people who want pouch pick up proves nothing, I can quote plenty of requests for super energy support too... Got useful posts, 'bro'? EDIT: And the point about levelling up combat to avoid being killed is that there is a shit tonne less people at level 110+ than there are at 50-80, and those 110's aren't interested in your d hide and house tabs anyway. It doesn't make you 'immune' to people higher level, it makes you less of a target. Why the fuck are people so stupid here?
  11. Just because they'll be more helpful to you doesn't mean it's in the best interest of everyone else. Not everyone is using the abyss, not everyone dies with their pouches. I've been waiting for super energies for over a month, the ability to pick up pouches has been there for a few days. Keep in mind, this is an all in one runecrafter, not an abyss script. If pouch collecting was needed for literally any other rune i might be more inclined to agree with you, but the fact is that pouch collection will benefit abyss users only, where-as super energies will benefit everyone using the script. If this was abyss only then sure pouch collection should be priority one.
  12. To be fair, the ability to collect your pouches on death was only added to OSRS very recently. I still agree super energies should remain higher priority though
  13. You can fix your pouches via NPC contact only for law ballooning. Not too sure about master/slave question. Also don't mean to be pushy but when can we expect some super energy support for methods other than the abyss? Is there any ETA on this or do we get it when we get it? Thanks for the amazing script warfront, closing in on 91 RC x2 EDIT: Nevermind, missed the post on the last page saying that super energy support is high priority.
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