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  1. Got 99 agilty on a throwaway about a year ago, botting stupid hours can vouch for aAgility and nBlast mine, both flawless script have achieved 99 numerous times, should i try my same method for agility on my main or maybe things have changed over a year
  2. Dj_Sammy

    Temporary Ban

    Putting my input here, you just said it for yourself brother, gods orb crafter is a public script I’m pretty sure, to add ontop enchanting orbs has always been a high ban, im currently sitting a little under 2k total I’m actually going to say this account is 90% botted, because as you stated I don’t find sitting there grinding a skill fun, what i do find fun is pvm and stuff
  3. @Naton https://gyazo.com/a1511e5bf5b9284f8bc1e91d7ccafbac thanks ran this script from 75 all the way up until 99 without a single issue
  4. So you ganna sit there and tell me if somebody bot 24 hours straight no breaks wont flag up the detection? hey this guys been doing this tedious skill for 24 hours straight nonstop, you really think they don’t look into that, i mean I’ve botted 65 hours in one session with breaks and all but still i mean everbody can have their own theories and opinions
  5. @CyberWizard can u elaborate on how breaking doesn’t help with bot detection?
  6. I sorta feel like jagex will keep an eye on the money makers, bloods/souls just waiting on the full release tho, then i might start off on some testers before my main account
  7. @Naton just achieved a 99 with this looking to max, flawless isn’t the word does this script support super range pots aswell?
  8. edit; another one. https://gyazo.com/e2aa45df96e2b5c429732008a715d32f
  9. Not that rare tbh, done 30-99 twice. 3rd account did 30-75 at mlm and doing blast mine
  10. great script @Naton https://gyazo.com/321c6e7b575847f1fc55d97f110ff737
  11. Yeah I thought there would be, I would’ve just missed it nonetheless. yeah will take me abit, I’ll probs watch some YouTube videos and or babysit to see how blast mine is actually played,still alil unfamiliar on how blast mine works, still new content to me
  12. Great script @Naton just one question tho, seems the only options u have available are always flooded.. i know theres a custom setup you can do, but i’ve tried heaps of times to get a good custom run and cant seem to do so. and on another note, you should have an anti-crash option (maybe you do but I’ve missed it)
  13. @Naton is there much of a difference when it comes to this and mlm? exp/gp wise.
  14. @Naton idk if anybody else brought this up but when bot logs for break or whatever, if wants to start another dream and you have bank pin set, will say coffer locked and just log?
  15. great guide @CyberWizard we're pretty much in the same boat lol, i dont have irl time to play runescape, nor do i really want to sit on my ass staring at a a screen for 6-8 hours to get one level. so i actually love botting, i lost a huge amount of accounts over the past years, but thats a good thing because every ban is every mistake you learn from, and here i am botting a 1800 total account, just recently got 99 cooking/fm. big big shout out to encoded and aropupu, everybody does a great job on their scripts, but i've just had heaps of good experience with those 2 script writers edit: if you dont mind me asking how'd you get to 99 thieving, can't find a decent thieving script..
  16. @Aropupu this script has potential, after a few tests runs (lured ardy knight in bank) when the dodgy necklace breaks it wont bank to pull out another one till food runs out, i think you should change that(or atleast set a option) and another note, when script runs out of food and wants to bank for more get it to open the coin pouches and then bank deposit all, i dont think thats a big issue but we're tryna be humanlike as possible.
  17. amazing, encoded on a runecrafting script? count me in!
  18. I’ve noticed a handful of premium scripts have 1 auth 14/30 days, I honestly think every premium script should have this option, not everbody bots 4-5 accounts at once per script. thanks for understanding, keep up all the great work scriptwriters/tribot developers!
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