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  1. Its a good script, but it takes quite a while to attack the next monster
  2. Zanca

    b2p tabs

    selling 8k. If u need/want more after this im making more daily. We can negociate prices. skype: pedrozanca
  3. Someone here has ever seen someone been banned for transfering cash from a gf account to a main? Is it safe?
  4. wtf have never read about this Oo you can try to email jagex and see what u get..
  5. There is any crafting script for snakeskin stuff, could u please make one?
  6. please add snakeskin boots encoded,I would be very pleased
  7. Zanca

    Selling 100M 2.5/m

    u can chargeback...
  8. Zanca

    Selling 100M 2.5/m

    looking for a trusted buyer.
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