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  1. problem is it isnt fixed, and he even guarenteed id get a rf if it didnt work -.-
  2. current rate: 2.7/m ammount: 60m add me on skype: chris2human tos: you pay 1st unless i deem you trustworthy if a mm is needed then you provide it / pay fees id might be required
  3. already made a thread, might be a bug its not comming up so here it is again Price you paid for script:9.95 creds How many auths you bought:1 Proof you have that the owner isn't helping you, isn't updating, is not active, etc: his response to my error after him assuring me if it doesnt work at fally id get a refund 1st time he asked for error, then said it was fixed 2nd time still didnt work asked for error again 3rd time said he fixed it and i had to go for a little, and asked him to do it because i am not his testing dumby, his response ill be on later.. cant you do this? [7:14:13 PM | Edited 7:14:18 PM] James: Are you fucking retaded [7:14:14 PM] Johan Gayhan: there is a reason im paying for the script [7:14:35 PM] James: You said there was a bug, I'm asking if it's still occuring but you don't want to confirm it? [7:14:47 PM] James: I knew you would be a difficult asshole the moment I started speaking to you. [7:14:58 PM] Johan Gayhan: wow your nice [7:15:00 PM] Johan Gayhan: i asked you directly [7:15:03 PM] Johan Gayhan: if it is working [7:15:05 PM] Johan Gayhan: and u had said yes [7:15:11 PM] James: [7:21 PM] Johan Gayhan: <<< im not ur testing dumby [7:15:13 PM] Johan Gayhan: and then now u bitch at me because ur script isnt working [7:15:28 PM | Edited 7:17:12 PM] James: The bug you reported hasn't been reported by anyone else, as soon as you provided me with a valid debug i fixed it in under 30 seconds, what more do you want. [7:15:38 PM] James: Go fuck yourself you ignorant bitch. [7:16:01 PM] James: You take for granted the level of support I'm giving you. [7:16:06 PM | Edited 7:16:42 PM] James: Some scripters would just ignore you edit: i am johan and he is james
  4. LOL sorry about that -.- used as a template if u want i can redo it
  5. PRICING: 1.2m each, 07/$3.5 usd via paypal if trusted enough TERMS OF SERVICE: • You will go first unless I deem you trusted. • You must confirm it's you in any second trade window we have. • I am not responsible for any bans or offences that might occur on your account • after the trade is completed you will leave feedback Current Stock: 30/61 Contact me: Add me on skype: "chris2human"
  6. does it support steel key ring? its the thing that lets u put all ur keys on the same thing
  7. what lantern is required is it this http://2007.runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Candle_lantern?? and what level firemaking is it edit: or this? http://2007.runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Bullseye_lantern so it wont explode
  8. id sell either if u want, pm me
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