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  1. Hey, I've got a fairly basic android app I need developing. (and want source code) I will need it within 1 week though It's not botting related - PM me for more information. Will pay well
  2. he wants player mods, not jagex mods
  3. Welcome to Tribot/ Runescape https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/1524-usa-tutorial-island/
  4. there is no way to unlock a blocked paypal. you need to buy them from another method.
  5. Maybe you're telling the truth, but 0 bans and top 100 RC seem really fucking hard to believe!
  6. Please read this. He has a lot of info re: proxies and also recommends some.
  7. don't understand your post. that's so slow compared to shift clicking o.O
  8. yeah, everyone knows that if you run a bot for a minute on that account, then be ok with receiving a ban. besides, botting RC on your main is real dumb.
  9. Try uninstall re install Tribot, osbuddy, jagex cache and java. Typically fixes most issues
  10. Depends if they ban you for gold farming or level botting. I'd say no to zulrah botting, maybe do the 2 hour trial a month and that's it. Might as well just buy the gold with that 30 dolla
  11. lol goodluck getting any help with that attitude.
  12. ok, he probably fixed it Thanks for the heads up
  13. still waiting on your (under a week!)
  14. try it! yeah, for me running Zulrah Killer just fine NMZ was down though
  15. quick and delete, you're showing your rsn
  16. haven't had VIP extended yet (as you can see I don't have anymore) give them some time
  17. no really, restart the client Although some scripts are still broke. I presume this is now for the scripters to update their scripts
  18. TheOvenCook

    Tribot is up

    For the people that are blind
  19. we must go to a very different university. CS degree was a breezing, basically 12 hours of day playing RS and writing scripts. It definitely wasn't worth doing though, I learnt little to nothing and would learn so much more outside of univeristy
  20. LOLOL! Just a threat of going through your bank = banned account. gf cya m8
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