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  1. Don't buy scripts, they will become free or cheaper, easy.
  2. 300m in Eoc is stil pretty nice
  3. I alch pumpkins, it's the best thing to alch.
  4. Sell em
  5. 9m for pumpkin lmao.
  6. Its on the damn website
  7. Neither posts nor VIP determine how legit someone is. I have 40 feedback on PlayerAuctions so if you're not willing to trust me here you can purchase through PlayerAuctions.
  8. unlucky mate
  9. ★ Bobwise Questing and Torso Service ★ Skype: bobwise123 (Please add me on Skype to discuss price before purchasing anything on Player Auctions) PlayerAuctions Link: https://www.playerauctions.com/offer/myofferlist/?username=goldaj ★ Terms of Service ★ - You must have the skill requirements for quest. - You must have the items required for quest/powerleveling completion (or the GP). - Once the order is started there is no refund. - Changing your password during an order without good reason will be cancelled without refund. - I only accept $$$ through player auctions Otherwise RS07/EOC GP payment is the only option. - I am not responsible for any Bans/Mutes on the account - You will pay the full amount before the service begins - Minimum Combat lvl 70 required for Fighter Torso - If you do not have the required items for the quest and need me to get them it will cost 10% extra. ★ Questing ★ I can do all Quests Discussing All Prices On Skype ★ Torso ★ I can get Fighter torso for Combat 70+ fast Discussing All Prices On Skype ★ Compulsory Form ★ What do you need done: Paying Via RS07/EOC GP: Agree to TOS: