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  1. credits

    Still for sale!!
  2. credits

    Still for sale, no reply from above
  3. credits

  4. Selling 5 credits for 5M OSRS gp. Unless you are trusted I won't go first sorry.
  5. I have the same issue, would also know how long it typically takes tribot to update after osrs updates
  6. Ah yes sorry forgot!
  7. I can do 10
  8. How many? I could possibly help you out 1 credit:1m osrs
  9. I'm getting a similar problem although now its started lagging even with one accounts running
  10. Working great, is it possible to add looting bags please? I searched and saw it was mentioned back in 2015 but also this year I don't think you have said much on it yet
  11. Ooooh yeah! Sorry I didn't even realise! I've been creating custom paths everywhere :')
  12. Decent update! Do you think a few presets can be added? Just for a few basic things would be nice maybe hill giants, spiders at stronghold, chickens
  13. Using now, it's working good! Seems to only work with ALL your cash out and ALL your bronze arrows which may be an issue for accounts large stacks. Otherwise great work, will post a proggy for you EDIT: 2 hr proggy 3.5 hrs
  14. Made a new account and so far I've only used this script on it, currently 60-60-40 with a few M profit killing lvl 2 men in edge and guards at al-kahrid looting herbs, will be setting it up at dragons soon!