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  1. I also purchased this script thinking it might work but nope, hasn't since I bought it a few days ago. Hoping scripter will fix things..
  2. Nah idc if they get permed gonna go back to 24/7 now lol, i xfer chins 1-2x a day. They both have around 16 days left from today This is my first bans on 07, although I have had probably 10 accounts banned in total and one reset, none from farming cash though.
  3. Got 2 accounts at chins banned both 91 or 92 hunter been suciding them too lool. Only 3 days on both though wtf is up with that lmao.
  4. Yeah lol same, im 80+ on 2 accounts and highest I'm getting is 220, ran overnight with 210.. Makes me sad lol
  5. Price for 92 range 1 def 44 pray, fury/ranger boots/cbow with diamond bolts or karils bow whichever you prefer, pretty much best gear possible?
  6. Noticeable enough for a 5 month natural change, is it not? Looks like it's gone all into his arms, is OP a beach weights guy? Natural is the only way to go. Not a "Beach weight" guy, but I just have good genetics for arms. I hardly isolate my biceps for that reason. Compound movements with my back exercises is all I pretty much need. I isolate biceps maybe once every two weeks. Good cause isolating when there's no muscle to begin with is stupid lol, compounds ftw
  7. Thankyou sir. I feel I should have more progress in a year but as I said, I was on a deficit of 1.8kcals. As for legs I really don't like the exercise so I tend to 'skip leg days' haha. I know it's not good but bleh. My legs aren't scrawny or out of proportion, I'm always walking and riding my bike etc. I feel my squat is weaker than what I would be able to do if I actually squatted if that makes sense? Squats aren't just for legs though, they are a full body exercise/compound lift, definitely need to include them, its a love-hate relationship with squats ;p
  8. Teaks for fastest, magics if you're not fussed how fast you get it
  9. Either godlike genetics or dat dere..
  10. Very noticeable change gj op
  11. Good progress if only a year training, sounds like you need to do some legs though ;p especially if your max bench is higher than max squat (atg or not)