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  1. Snowbear

    AvasQuestline [Beta][Free]

    @FALSkills Restless Ghost: Chatting with Father Aereck right off the bat - seems to press the options too quickly so it loops in chat rather than successfully obtaining the quest. Manually accepted Restless Ghost quest and moved forward... Chatting with Father Urhney - same problem as Father Aereck, but realized the likely problem here. It is combining the action of clicking on the NPC and pressing through the chat. So what ends up happening is, mid-way through the dialogue, it will click on the NPC again resetting the chat...resulting in an infinite loop. Manually chatted with NPC and pressed forward... Note: Seems to be common to all NPC chats. Going to manually click through these and comment on what else the script does. Still very useful, even in its current state, to navigate from NPC to NPC throughout the quest. Ernest the Chicken: Randomly gets stuck moving from Draynor Village teleport to the professor. It clicked once along the road then stood still for at least a minute (I was watching). It didn't rotate camera or take any action whatsoever - just frozen. I paused script, clicked along the way toward Draynor Manor, and it proceeded smoothly. Fish Food: Smooth execution. Perfect! Oil Can: Perfect! Random bonus note: I LOVE how its intelligent enough to automatically drink stamina potions! Fountain/Pressure Gauge: Smooth, but when it clicks the fountain it CLICKS. It clicked as fast as the game allowed it to. I was babysitting and tried to pause as quickly as possible but I'm still a bit worried about this part. It was clicking ridiculously fast for approx 10~ seconds before proceeding to the rubber tube portion. From here, I manually finished quest. It then teleported to Edge using glory, checked my bank, closed bank, then teleported to Varrock and ran North to begin Priest in Peril... Priest in Peril: Just to confirm: The chat with King Roald to accept the quest has the same issue as all the other NPCs. Ran to Varrock E, banked everything in inv, scrolled through bank, even though Lobsters were in T1 in went to T5 and withdraw half an inv of Anchovy Pizzas(? - your main post states Lobs are what are usually used?) Killing dog was smooth, after kill it teleported to varrock and headed north to the King. Note: Seems to right click randomly around the screen extremely often? Is this an anti-ban measure? Seems to happen far more often than any other antiban action. When it banked at Varrock E to head back to the temple it didn't deposit any of my pizzas - it attempted to head out with like 12 pure ess, bucket, varrock tele, stam potion(3), and the rest pizzas. Manually fixed inventory and resumed... From here, I messed up. I didn't leave 1 extra space for the key part of the quest, so I paused the script and did a lot of Priest in Peril myself so I could do it as efficiently as possible and get back to where I dropped my pure essence (lol). I resumed the script back at Varrock when I had the rest of the essence in my inventory. Another compliment: the script is EXCELLENT at determing current quest progression. With minimal calculation time, it began running back to the temple to deliver the rest of the essence. Quest completed! Conclusion: DEFINITELY not a bad beta version. I'm very impressed and would like to do everything I can to help the development of this script. If you'd like to add me on Discord, I'd be happy to continue helping and testing in any way I can. Thank you so much for all your hard work!
  2. I just used the trial of this script. I queued up Tutorial Island and Sheep Shearer. I watched the entire process. In my opinion, this script is top-notch. There were even a couple times where the bot, just through bad luck really, found itself in some poor camera angles/elevations. I waited to see if it would infinite loop or crash, but it readjusted and proceeded every time. I look forward to testing the other quests out and then buying the script! I'll keep the proggies coming
  3. Snowbear

    Netami Warrior Guild - Gathers All Defenders!

    Hi Netami, I tried out the trial version of the script. A few questions/thoughts... 1) Tokens - It seems that the script doesn't actually "farm tokens", per say? What it does, as gabrielspecter noted, is it obtains X amount of tokens in order to access the room and hunt for defenders. There's actually no setting for the script to just farm tokens, correct? I've tried withdrawing exact amounts of everything, tried starting it while in combat with an animated armor, tried banking my tokens to make it think it doesn't have any, etc. No matter what I do, the script attempts to bank, re-withdraws everything, then heads upstairs with my 500~ tokens. To field you a direct question: are there plans to allow the script to farm tokens? I completely understand that it would be botlike to statically code "when you have X tokens go upstairs" sort of thing, but I'd like to use the bot at animated armor to take my token count from 500 to 1500, for example. 2) Potion support - After reading through the thread, I understand why super potions didn't work (I didn't have any super defenses). On that note, as a user, I'd say that having all 3 is sort of an edge case. Most people only use sup atk/strs in these instances. In my case, I have over 70 defense so I don't want to use sup defs against mithril armor, ya know? I just want the atk/str to expedite the kills. Also, what exactly counts as a "normal potion"? I think the bot gets confused on startup because it sees both strength potion (4),(3),(2),and (1), as well as what I was hoping it would use which are my Combat Potion (4)'s. Can you clarify what the normal potion setting is supposed to mean? Also, how often does it drink the potions? Is that tied to ABCL? Obviously I have no idea what the code looks like, but why not have an interface where users select which potions they'd like to use then either a time estimate or a level at which they'd like to redose? That's what I've seen most combat scripts do, at least. 3) Cyclops room: This is where the script shines. I just wanted to say I'm really impressed with the human like movements, the camera rotations, the anti-ban measures, interacting with that NPC outside the door, etc. This portion of the script is done beautifully and it makes a good case for using your script for the cyclops room, as opposed to using a generic combat script and setting it to loot defenders then afk/logout. Let me know if I can help in any way. I have multiple accounts that can access the warrior guild with all sorts of different equipment, potions, gear, etc. Seems like you've been steadily improving this script for awhile now - I like where this is headed!
  4. Snowbear

    [FREE] OCO's AIO Rooftop Agility

    Hi Naton, Not sure this is the ideal place (feel free to PM me), but is there anything community members can do? I'd be happy to help.
  5. Snowbear

    [FREE] OCO's AIO Rooftop Agility

    DO NOT USE THIS SCRIPT I just tried to use it at Draynor Rooftop, and after it fell down the first time (near the balancing wall) it spam clicked "examine -->" on an infinite loop. It looks like it hasn't been updated in a long time either. I wonder if TriBot ever removes broken (updated) scripts from the repo?
  6. Ah, so just to clarify, with the way daxWalker is currently, there's nothing I could do to assist with mapping Waterbirth or any new areas? No worries mate - I understand your busy. You've already done an impressive job. If you do happen to add it in at some point, try to remember to send me a PM
  7. Understood, I appreciate the quick communication. I know I could find this on my own, but do you happen to know if daxWalker is open source? I want to say that it is... If so, I might contribute to it myself haha. I really want to use your script (its performance at sand crabs is great), but Waterbirth is my preferred location. Everyone that used to be there went to ammonite it seems, so it's not crowded.
  8. Hey, Probably a very silly question, but how do you use this script for Rock Crabs (specifically waterbirth)? In terms of presets, all I see are sand/ammonite crab locations. How do I use the Waterbirth/Rock Crab preset? I've tried using custom tiles with no luck.
  9. Tried the 30 minute free trial primarily at the Varrock rooftop course. Overall, it works great. My only concern is with the ABC2 reaction times it will hover the mouse ON THE OSRS SCREEN while waiting out the timer, whereas a real AFK player would move the mouse outside of the window in order to do something on another screen/monitor. It seems very bot like for a player to leave their mouse in a particular spot without any jitters (accidentally hitting the trackpad or bumping the mouse) for 5-30s~ intervals intermittently.
  10. Hey, Any plans to add potion support? If you do PC right at level 40, sometimes ranging/combat potions help a lot to make sure you don't go inactive.
  11. Trying out the 1 hour free trial right now, very nice! My only two concerns/questions are 1) I got a prompt to allow photobucket or something like that, I hit always allow, but I don't have a GUI? Is this related or something I did wrong in the settings? 2) It takes FOREVER to download. A solid 3-5 minutes every time I hit start script. Is this typical? It only happens with this script and I've restarted my client several times.
  12. Snowbear

    Delta Cooker

    @TRiLeZ Can you address the above issues (doesn't seem like you've replied in several months) and assure me the script is still working properly? If it truly hasn't been updated in a year, can it really be up to standards?
  13. I think I've finally got it. So the organization should be having your Main class directly under src-->Scripts and then any classes used by that (the class that contains the Run method and extends Script), can be underneath their own subfolder like "src-->scripts-->snowCooker--->CookingLocations" or something?
  14. Still doing something wrong... (snowCooker = snowCook , just deleted and renamed it to make sure I didn't make a mistake) I'm doing New --> Folder under scripts and the directory "looks okay", but under my eclipse hierarchy (according to the explorer window on the left side) it seems like scripts and snowCooker are on the same level...but the properties of snowCooker say it is inside of scripts?
  15. Oh okay I think I understand now. so it should actually look like src-->scripts--><Script Folders>-->blah blah so therefore: src-->scripts-->snowCooker (folder) --> Test / Main ?