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  1. Found someone. Can be deleted.
  2. I've done a few trades with you & chatted on Skype a fair bit. You're extremely friendly and professional. I'm sure you'll reach your goal! I sure hope so! Support. +1
  3. Bump! Still need credits and still unable to purchase with BTC through Tribot itself.
  4. Almost a full week and no Tribot admins have even posted about the issue...? A bit worrying...
  5. I added you on Skype -- when will you be online? It's been about 12~ hours.
  6. I've never had any issues doing this before. Tried several different devices and several different browsers. After inputting the amount and hitting submit, it goes to a blank page. Nothing appears to be attempting to load. I've left it on this blank page for over 5 minutes, nothing happens. Any ideas? Currently trying to purchase 8 credits via the system.
  7. It appears BTC via the website is currently down? Not sure https://tribot.org/forums/topic/68343-tribot-purchase-credits-via-bitcoin-currently-down/ Anyway, currently looking to purchase 8 credits via OSRS Gold or Bitcoin. Post your price and payment method here! I'm ready to trade immediately. Thank you!
  8. Trying to purchase either 1 or 6.5 credits via Bitcoin, but it just loads a blank webpage that never loads (nor does it appear to be loading anything). I've tried with two different devices, 3 different browsers. No luck. Is it just me or is it down for everyone?
  9. Which would you recommend? Mind saying where? I usually do JJ's at Stronghold of Security but have started seeing some bans...looking into more obscure spots now.
  10. I've always wondered what script people use BEFORE they have the stats to do NMZ?
  11. Bump. @Netami was not accepting work at the moment.
  12. Wanted to report back: Successfully got 1-47 construction in less than a day using this script. Hoping to use it until 65 if possible (a shame it doesn't support mahagony) Thanks for the script!
  13. By static parameters I mean: Each account that runs the script will be perfectly identical in starting stats. using the same food. using the same potions (to accelerate training) using the same ratio food:potions using same location, bank spot, etc. have perfectly identical bank layouts (item position and quantity) The script is to: Move from location to location (detects when it is time to move based on achieving X level) Support breakhandler Support LG (it's okay if it cannot) Handle Stronghold of Security (only the doors, does not need to worry about portal/ladder) handle banking with both teleport tab and amulet of glory It may be worth mentioning I already own JJ AIO Fighter Pro, and it can handle the combat portion for each spot perfectly; however, some of the banking is spotty, and it cannot handle moving from location to location (obviously), or even the stronghold doors. If you're familiar with recording bank paths, perhaps it's something I'm doing wrong. If not -- and the point is -- instead of writing a complicated combat script, you could just write a script that takes over for JJ's fighter script whenever it stops (X level is achieved) and it handles moving to the next location, passing JJ's script new arguments, and then resuming JJ script. So instead of a massive, complicated script, it just complements JJ's script. and, if necessary, handles the banking (could set JJ script to STOP when out of food, then YOUR script takes over and banks, returns to spot, then resumes JJs) Other info: If you are not a premium scripter, please expect to submit proof of your ability. I am familiar with Java, but not nearly proficient enough to code something like this. My price range is rather large, but I'm not going to underpay you. My payment options are Paypal, OSRS GP, or Bitcoin. I would most prefer paying in OSRS GP, and would pay between 50-750M (the 750M~ end being if it was a full combat script, came with a very good support agreement, etc. and the 50M~ end being if your script only accompanies JJs -- I wouldn't need any support on it if you provided source code, as I could fix it if for some reason it ever were to break) I understand my script is specific enough that you wouldn't be able to sell this script to anyone else, so I am willing to pay well on account of that as well, like I said, my price range is large but I have no intention of paying you an insanely low number for a private script. Post here or PM me! Thank you!
  14. @FALSkills Are mouse speed args currently working? or is there a floor value? I tried just testing with 5,15 and it moves the mouse rather fast. I honestly can't tell a difference between 5,15 25,50 95,105 300,310 EDIT: nevermind. Maybe check when your script takes in the args? I'm starting the script in my house right in front of what is to be built, and the first 3-5~ tables are built with seemingly the same mouse speed (fairly fast), and then after that it takes in my argument (5,15 is literally a crawl) but shouldn't it, immediately after clicking start script, use the specified 5,15?