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  1. Trying out the 1 hour free trial right now, very nice! My only two concerns/questions are 1) I got a prompt to allow photobucket or something like that, I hit always allow, but I don't have a GUI? Is this related or something I did wrong in the settings? 2) It takes FOREVER to download. A solid 3-5 minutes every time I hit start script. Is this typical? It only happens with this script and I've restarted my client several times.
  2. Snowbear

    Delta Cooker

    @TRiLeZ Can you address the above issues (doesn't seem like you've replied in several months) and assure me the script is still working properly? If it truly hasn't been updated in a year, can it really be up to standards?
  3. I think I've finally got it. So the organization should be having your Main class directly under src-->Scripts and then any classes used by that (the class that contains the Run method and extends Script), can be underneath their own subfolder like "src-->scripts-->snowCooker--->CookingLocations" or something?
  4. Still doing something wrong... (snowCooker = snowCook , just deleted and renamed it to make sure I didn't make a mistake) I'm doing New --> Folder under scripts and the directory "looks okay", but under my eclipse hierarchy (according to the explorer window on the left side) it seems like scripts and snowCooker are on the same level...but the properties of snowCooker say it is inside of scripts?
  5. Oh okay I think I understand now. so it should actually look like src-->scripts--><Script Folders>-->blah blah so therefore: src-->scripts-->snowCooker (folder) --> Test / Main ?
  6. Additional info (unable to edit my post for some reason, sorry about the double post): This worked before, the only changes I made to this class is the " int x... " line The Script Manifest is copy and pasted from: I just changed the Author to my name.
  7. Can you take another look at my actual code? I'm aware of everything you've said, and I don't believe I am making any of the mistakes you pointed out. In my Test class, which is my "main class" I have: @ScriptManifest(authors = { "Snowbear" }, category = "Woodcutting", name = "Basic Willow Cutter", version = 1.00, description = "Cuts and banks willows in Draynor.", gameMode = 1) So I'm not missing a script manifest. My issue is that when I only have the Test class in my IDE, things work as expected; however, when I add the Main class - without changing ANYTHING about Test except the method call to the calc method -- the Test class disappears from the client. I usually use classes with one another like I am attempting to do; however, with Tribot, things need to be part of the scripts package. When I see Github links of other people's source code, they have all sorts of different packages such as scripts. < > . < > Hopefully I'm explaining my issue a bit better here. I think reading what I replied to @Zallen93 may clarify my issue. I understand that things need to be under the scripts package. "My issue is that when I only have the Test class in my IDE, things work as expected; however, when I add the Main class - without changing ANYTHING about Test except the method call to the calc method -- the Test class disappears from the client." 1) What is making Test disappear from my client? 2) Where should I be (structurally speaking) placing other classes in my IDE in order to use them from the class that has the Script Manifest? tl;dr I'd like to have my IDE set up neatly, such as: top level - package : scripts Script parent folder folder/package/(?) : snowCooker / snowWoodcutter / (perhaps) Antiban / whatever Underneath a script folder: classes Actual classes related to the respective script
  8. I successfully followed tutorials to the point of getting a single .class file to cause a script to show up in my Tribot client. Using a single class file = messy code. I am trying to improve organization, and create additional classes under a single "Script project", and utilize imports and what not to have them all work together. My issue is that as soon as I add another class and attempt to have my @scriptmanifest containing class import it, even though I changed NOTHING about the configuration, location, etc. of the class that successfully caused a script to show up in my Tribot client, as soon as I attempt to make use of another class, Tribot no longer shows any local scripts. If I delete the second class I made (Main) the original class (Test) once again successfully causes the Willow Chopper to appear in my Tribot client. Does this make any sense at all? I am quite confused. Below are several photos explaining my situation. I would also be overjoyed if someone would like to Skype and assist me (my skype is "live:snowbear.business" Thank you! This is what my Eclipse looks like: This is the content of the class I'm trying to make use of via importing it (Main): Building Eclipse as shown above results in C:\Users\<USER>\AppData\Roaming\.tribot\bin\scripts to contain: Folder: "snowCooker" inside of that there is "Main.class" My C:\Users\<USER>\AppData\Roaming\.tribot\src\ folder contains: inside of scripts: Note: Please forgive the names of my classes and the awful code, just trying to work on organization and actually get a script to show up in my Tribot client. Hopefully my class names don't cause any confusion. "Test" is actually the main class - what contains the script manifest, what successfully caused the script to show up in the client before I added the second class, etc "Main" is a class I'm trying to import in Test, so that I can make use of a simple test method (calc). My script does not actually do anything, I'm just trying to get it to show up in my Tribot client.
  9. Snowbear

    [p] pricing a script to be made

    I recommend @modulusfrank12 Honestly, I haven't ever purchased a script from him, but I did contact him for several quotes and he seemed very knowledgeable and professional. He also replied within 24 hours and was extremely polite.
  10. OP wasn't 100% clear, is there a chance you meant that you don't have an authenticator, but are unable to login because it says an authenticator is required? If so, I've reported that issue here: But I don't believe it has been resolved yet (I still log-in through the repository, as opposed to the forums).
  11. Have you/Would you consider a 14 day unlimited auths payment option?
  12. Hey, unfortunately I did not get screenshots and the debug was blank, but: I was killing cows at the crafting guild near Falador. Worked flawlessly for 5+ hours. However, I came back some time later and my character was stuck. It was on a tile right up against the building with the camera rotated so that the client view was the inside of the building. No cows were even in sight. The last thing the log said was the typical "cow not on screen. rotating..." It appeared to be trying to click something (I'm not even sure what, wasn't thinking at the time and just logged out ASAP -- sorry). My game log was filled with "You can't reach that!" I'm surprised there's not a check like if NPC cannot be reached within X seconds Find new target ... Anyway, I turned ON the option to ALWAYS HIDE ROOFS and I haven't been able to replicate the issue. It was stuck repeatedly clicking something inside the structure for quite some time though...may receive a ban because of it. Just wanted to let you know. Overall though, A+++ script. Highly satisfied
  13. Snowbear

    Delta Cooker

    Last updated January 17, 2016 Is that actually accurate?