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  1. sorry i should have clarified, it sits in lumby spawn when it dies and doesn't move update: i'm an idiot for the glory loss part I didn't have quick prayer enabled.
  2. Hey, Since your recent update i've lost plenty of glories to pkers when before it would protect it. Once the bot dies it just sits in lumby and doesn't move, any solutions?
  3. Hey, I agree with most on this list, although i do think number 7 and 5 is caused by a laggy client, i'm running this on my computer and runs pretty good, haven't seen these problems. The script is excellent quality and it has soooo much more potential, a lot of the bugs are stated in the list above. Implementing these will just make this script flawless. The only thing that I have my biggest issue with is that it tries to attack dragons that are being attacked so it wastes some time going there. If you want delete this comment I don't care I just want USA to read it so I can get my opinion to him. Thanks for your work USA you've done a good job. EDIT: I just experienced the zombie graveyard bug where t walks in and then back out, now the double teleport one might be a thing too. It also hops worlds twice on accident thinking it hasn't hopped yet.
  4. I just noticed when the bot tried to hop because there were more than 3 people in the area, it walked all the way to edgeville stepped beside the bank booth and games necklaced back. like nothing happened, this is the second time I've seen this do that.
  5. I've noticed when the bot is low on health and needs to teleport it prioritizes to finish killing the green dragon but then once the dragon is dead it prioritizes teleporting over picking up the loot thus leaving the loot on the ground. The bot also hops to f2p worlds still.
  6. Hey, whenever you put it to withdraw 28 food out of the bank, it withdraws it and then banks it and withdraws it again and then repeats forever. It doesn't know how to walk to edgeville dungeon to fight skeletons (and other monsters i'm assuming) but that should be tribots pathing problem. other than that excellent script.
  7. Hey just a suggestion, it would be nice if the mouse waited where the wine will spawn and also not have the mouse move directly to the position but stroll there like an actual human mouse
  8. It wasn't a bug, it wasn't stated anywhere that the master needed cash and pure ess in the inventory >.< thought you needed cash and p ess on the slaves only but anyways got it working
  9. Hey Erickho, when I run the master it just sits there for 10 seconds and logs off after, I have written everything in the GUI right stated the names right and everything, I have tried running the slaves first and then the master I have tried running them all together I have added them all in the friends list, everything you can think of. this is the message it gives me after it logs off. (notice just the master logs off) I'm also giving each client 512mb [03:00:56] Starting client.[03:01:13] Downloading script 'ExRuneCrafter Monthly'.[03:01:21] Script Started: ExRuneCrafter Monthly.[03:01:33] v1.999M Withdraw essence when withdrawing food, master/slave tweaks.[03:01:55] java.lang.RuntimeException: Stopping script read the above errors / messages[03:01:55] at scripts.exrunecrafter.ExRunecraft.run(ExRunecraft.java:431)[03:01:55] at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source)[03:01:55] Screenshot successfully taken![03:01:55] Script Ended: ExRuneCrafter Monthly. Help would be greatly appreciated, I know the potential of this script and I wanna use it! thanks a lot
  10. Yea, no problem just letting you know, Also for fires when there is one ring of duelling charge left it right clicks the duel ring and sits there for a long time, this happens rarely but it happens for some reason. the client debug is only spammed with sleeping for ### during this
  11. Hey I just bought this i'm happy with it and all but I only have one complaint, it has happened once. When doing fire runes trying to teleport to duel arena it clicked the price checker button by accident and was stuck in that screen. Thanks a lot for this script keep up the good work.
  12. You need to put your servers actual Ip which was emailed to you
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