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  1. i know there isnt i came back to my computer to see i was in varrock so i dont know
  2. for some reason sometimes it teles me to varrock and im using house tabs
  3. that would be a smart idea haha how do they get fixed does that do it auto to or i only brought yesterday so yeh
  4. how do you use pouches with the abbys mine donest come up with a tick to use pouches or does it take them out auto
  5. [15:35:21] Script Started: Master Thiever AIO. [15:35:21] Disabled all randoms. [15:35:21] Please ALWAYS run tribot in lite mode! [15:35:21] Stealing from Master Farmers @ Draynor [15:35:21] The version you were running was V2.1.4 [15:35:21] Thieving configuration: [15:35:21] - Master Farmer [15:35:21] - Draynor village [15:35:21] - NPC [15:35:21] Script Ended: Master Thiever AIO. i start the bot up and it runs then stops
  6. just got banned on 1 of my accouns at black dragons never saw one person there i use to watch my bot for 8 hours and talk to people and turn off and go to bed and when i got home turn it back on and watch it again