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  1. i need lunar done asap, how much will it cost me i can do paypal or maybe pay gold add me on skype xvel0city
  2. add me on skype xvel0city
  3. i know there isnt i came back to my computer to see i was in varrock so i dont know
  4. for some reason sometimes it teles me to varrock and im using house tabs
  5. that would be a smart idea haha how do they get fixed does that do it auto to or i only brought yesterday so yeh
  6. how do you use pouches with the abbys mine donest come up with a tick to use pouches or does it take them out auto
  7. [15:35:21] Script Started: Master Thiever AIO. [15:35:21] Disabled all randoms. [15:35:21] Please ALWAYS run tribot in lite mode! [15:35:21] Stealing from Master Farmers @ Draynor [15:35:21] The version you were running was V2.1.4 [15:35:21] Thieving configuration: [15:35:21] - Master Farmer [15:35:21] - Draynor village [15:35:21] - NPC [15:35:21] Script Ended: Master Thiever AIO. i start the bot up and it runs then stops
  8. just got banned on 1 of my accouns at black dragons never saw one person there i use to watch my bot for 8 hours and talk to people and turn off and go to bed and when i got home turn it back on and watch it again
  9. got me fire cape with mele! was very fast great guy to talk to
  10. can you make my name and put like a black dragon behind it with dragon bone and black dragon hide in the corner with a visage if you get what i mean haha