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    Old and pro player on runescape
  1. worked finally thnx is the best but have a little issue when u dont have an multiple of x14 to can make unfinished if u have like for example 3 more rannars the bot dont make them then continue with secondary he just bank then take all 3 then again and again till i pause scrip i do myself those 3 left ranarrs then resume and working can u fix please?
  2. dont understand what are those negative id's but wont work for me to mix can u show an picture or something
  3. Amount to sell: 80m now --20m-50m per day ( rs 07) Payment Method: skrill or paypal Skype User? Will you leave feedback? yes
  4. how you can run 30 accounts on same internet connection i get bann instant if i use 4 accounts on same internet conection
  5. Selling 07 GOLD---Exchange 07 gold for RS3 gold---DOING ANY POWERLEVELING

  6. mdlincc

    NMZ Seller

    please help this script was perfect till today.. i have like 7-8 hours im using it and after 3-4 minute blocked screen and can do nothing any help? i can pay for it if u make an perfect scrip if any1 have an nmz hosting perfect scrip tell me
  7. hey can u please make the script an option like snare and entangle to dont use any snare... just get any imps without snare them for making jars
  8. sunt interesat de un script care sa vanda automat for exactly price premium or any
  9. got banned with this scrip after 3 hours of using srly?
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