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  1. Umm the only problem I have been having is that when I get a combat random (not sure which one) the bot runs way too far away from it. Also, when it does this it sometimes goes and clicks on the gate to get into seers castle (i woodcut at seers village) then after the random is done it has no idea how to return to the previous spot and continue chopping. Therefor, it says could not walk to and just stops the script. Also one time I loged in after this had happened and I was all the way in relekka from seers village! Anyway I could prevent this?
  2. Yeah, I realize that it is illogical that tribot did it but this is honestly the only thing that makes sense. I have never been hacked before in my entire years of playing. I am careful about this stuff. I guess il check my computer for any viruses.
  3. As I said before this entire computer is dedicated to botting. Also, the bot was on all night and when I got on this morning the bot client entirely was closed. And yes they had my bank pin. When I was looking for a bot I searched around and this was supposed to be the top choice of everyone. So I decided to spend the money on it. I thought it was legit...
  4. How can I provide proof? Want a picture of my bank? I do not understand how I am supposed to have proof unless you expect me to vid the bot all night. All I am saying is in my 8 years of playing this is the first time ive been hacked. And in my 8 years this is the first time ive ever tried anything like this. It's not really about the stuff but I spent my money on this. I would really want someone to look into it because I am 95% sure it was caused by my bot.
  5. Look, I have a couple computers. This one is dedicated to running my bot. I do not use the computer for anything else. I did not get phished, I have had better luck on free bots. Also, I have a bank pin and I put it into the break handler. So i doubt they also phished my bank pin lols. Also, The bot was loged on all night. And when I opened my computer this morning. The Tribot client completely was not even opened. So.........
  6. After using your script I got on to all my stuff gone. Someone took all my cash, all the bows, bowstrings, unstrungs, axes, etc etc. I bought your script and this is how you show gratitude. Thanks I guess.
  7. Logged on today to see someone took all my stuff. All my logs, bows, partyhats, Dragon axe, birds nests etc. Is this some kind of F***ing Joke? I spend money on this and you take all my stuff? I really hope this was not tribot's doing. Btw I 100% guarantee that this was caused by my bot because this account is only for botting. I do not play on it and have gave no one the password. I just lost about 10m on old-school and I am not happy. I did not see any type of thread for this and the format did not really apply to this situation so... I decided to post it here. Also, I have only ever used one script on this account or even computer for that matter. The thread for the script: https://tribot.org/forums/index.php?/topic/21274-63mfletching-support-spiker-aio-woodcutter/ I hope this gets resolved and I would kinda like my stuff back.
  8. Wow, I have to say this is the best woodcutter I personally have ever used. I love how you create your own cutting spots but I do recommend some preset spots for the people having trouble. Also when I get the frog random it solves it fine but after the random is solved it says "Attempting to solve frog random" Then eventually it just stops the script. Also, It would be useful if you could make an option to bank the random event items instead of droping them, Other than that this is a great script and definitely worth the money!
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