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Chef Sk1llz

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  1. Interesting read.
  2. Nah you're an awful scripter with #1 staking script.
  3. Back from vacation looking forward to getting a 24 hour v2 Progress
  4. @Montreal Can I renew an exisiting proxy that has ran out after one month along with a VPS?
  5. Would this support remote powerfishing locations or still only those locations in the original post? @Encoded
  6. @Aropupu Ran another 13 hours rather smoothly if you would like to have me test runite miner I can at hero's guild location in version 2 for a limited time if you'd like.
  7. Will you be updating this tot the clue expansion when released?
  8. Version two works great for all those are wondering GUI is much easier to navigate along with some cool features. Been using this script about 2 weeks straight so far made it form 77 - 91 mining. Also found this little guy today @Aropupu would you add a dynamic signature?
  9. Script ran 13 hours very smooth missed screenshot will get it again (V2).
  10. Overloads doesn't change the xp hr with blood wave. @erickho123 It says I don't have the rock cake ID and I have it within the inventory and typing the correct ID any idea why it doesn't recognize it?
  11. Have to say already with the v2 the GUI is much easier to navigate. Would you add a dynamic signature?
  12. I'd like to test the new one been using script pretty much daily.
  13. Some nice tips been doing stuff like this fairly similar