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  1. Looking for 2 MTD accounts to be done
  2. Looking for some nmz accounts to be made. Please post your price
  3. Pouch retrieval tool was working great keeps clicking teleport to house and spamming out.
  4. funny how both my accounts have been cleared out. on 2 different vps's with different passwords.
  5. good script but notice it dosen't change game modes when hosting, was running bot for 10 hours + came back to see loads of messages saying they choice hard and given them normal. I'm using looking glass
  6. if need help still, ill do it for free
  7. it wont withdraw anymore raw salmon once its deposit the cocked ones, just stands in bank doing nothing.
  8. deleted it, still having problems have been using trout and salmon both are the same and getting stuck each time. have also used different cooking spots
  9. once i deposit cooked food into bank dosen't seem to withdraw anymore and just waits. (only carry on when ive clicked it myself)
  10. hi tribot users, Having problems with my looking glass. I have unstalled java and jdk then reinstalled and still the same problem.... have attached picture. thanks
  11. have a 6300 running 10 bots seems stable enough.
  12. been having problems with client breaking, whenever break is finished log in etc... but bot dosen't carry on fishing. no idea if its client or your script causing this.
  13. hi, Every time i add a new proxy to my list now it blanks everything i type out, i'm using java 8 its on a computer running windows 8 it works fine on my vps. very strange! any ideas?
  14. keeps depositing coins again... since you done an update yesterday to script. (deposit box)