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  1. Same as this guy!!! ^^^ I have 7k enchant points. What shall I spend them on?
  2. For those who say it isn't working, make sure you do what he said by replacing the Crafter.class file.
  3. Hi the script is not working for me I ran it in litemode, I started in the enchantment arena, I selected level 5 enchantment, I selected Green shapes and stood next to them before trying to start the script and I did 180-200 for the sleep time and the client just freezes and says this 23:57:07] Script Started: BrMtaPro. [23:57:24] java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: scripts/org/brad/utils/BrUtils[23:57:24] at scripts.BrMtaPro.run(BrMtaPro.java:86)[23:57:24] at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source)[23:57:24] Script Ended: BrMtaPro. please help
  4. Hello everyone, I am wondering what seems to be the cause of tribot freezing after a small amount of time botting? I would like this issue to be fixes. - Not sure if you are experiencing the same issues as me. If you are leave below comment / if you can resolve the issues please state how. Kind Regards.
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