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  1. Same as this guy!!! ^^^ I have 7k enchant points. What shall I spend them on?
  2. rogerzz

    Crafter v1.25 - Fixed[16.07.2013]

    For those who say it isn't working, make sure you do what he said by replacing the Crafter.class file.
  3. Hi the script is not working for me I ran it in litemode, I started in the enchantment arena, I selected level 5 enchantment, I selected Green shapes and stood next to them before trying to start the script and I did 180-200 for the sleep time and the client just freezes and says this 23:57:07] Script Started: BrMtaPro. [23:57:24] java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: scripts/org/brad/utils/BrUtils[23:57:24] at scripts.BrMtaPro.run(BrMtaPro.java:86)[23:57:24] at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source)[23:57:24] Script Ended: BrMtaPro. please help
  4. rogerzz

    [1.0] [Fishing] TurboLobsters

    works perfect thanks bro
  5. Hello everyone, I am wondering what seems to be the cause of tribot freezing after a small amount of time botting? I would like this issue to be fixes. - Not sure if you are experiencing the same issues as me. If you are leave below comment / if you can resolve the issues please state how. Kind Regards.
  6. What spot are you botting in?>