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  1. not an excuse, some scripts dismiss randoms etc. you cant just ignore them its asking for a ban duh. script should at least recognize and dismiss by now, if not talk to and solve a few of them randomly.
  2. loving it so far thank you man and a big shout out to you for the constant updates on your bot thats the difference between outdated aio bots and encoded bots
  3. bought twice now from yohojo already, went first, trades went as expected, smooth and (mostly) on time delivery with the rsgp method. his partners site provides instant delivery with credit/debit which i also used once and did indeed receive my goods instantly. thanks again you're the man
  4. closed and thank you for your bids!
  5. buying 5 sock5 proxies from a reputable dealer only link me to your thread please have fast service times no 'maybe 24 hour wait' stuff
  6. banned in 1 night using this GG pure with weeks of work on it
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