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  1. 5 days till 14day ban runs out but yea i've been seeing alot more people getting autobanned,
  2. i didnt post there for 3 reasons: 1. I did not make a thread complaining about ban. 2. this bot is unique compared to others and was previously undetected and the only bans received were permanent bans directly from JMods 3. there are fewer users of this script compared to others due to pricing, so it would be hard for anyone else to see my message and have a complete discussion. once again, i knew the risk i run when i bot, its just that this script is not known to "auto-ban"
  3. why was my post about 7 day ban deleted? im not complaining about a ban, but usually when i bot with this script its either no ban or a perm ban. 7 day ban means the script is getting detected by jagex's system....
  4. kind of off topic, but i was wondering if our staking log is saved somewhere? i accidently closed my tribot client and i dont know who i cleaned 80m off of...
  5. CPU usage is only 100% for the first 5 minutes when u run the script (for my levels at least) because of the shear number of people near you within 5 combat levels. i've heard the misclicks on declining stakes has been fixed as i dont see it happening anymore. the lag on Tribots end is quite noticeable but it has yet result me in poking in a stake (it just lags and shows 2 dds specs at once) otherwise, this script is flawless and is raking in ~30m day for me completely afk. more if i manually stake when someone starts rage staking
  6. dont worry man, i've been streaked for 5m's (for a total of 35m loss) to someone i had 61% odds on. a day later, he came back and the bot cleaned him
  7. declining good challenges when selecting boots/ring off, not accepting good challenges wish these would be fixed soon, its already been a week
  8. hes not blacklisted. his name isnt on there and i dont think its possible for someone to "de-level" their account... (my stats never changed)
  9. umm what? i have it set to 51% hows this a "bad challenge"? max levels isnt even set up
  10. http://puu.sh/7NsgY.png this fucking bitch keeps raping my bots.... no clue if im just getting unlucky or what... her stats: 71atk/99str/90hp/20def
  11. Okay to clarify, the bot is working perfectly fine. If you are having problem with switches heres the solutions that have been working for me: restart tribot, after ~10+ hours of running it starts to have a 1-2 second delay between action. this is on tribot and not RS because my other RS client has no delay. the declining issue is because it misclicks decline when it tries to turn "ring off" the not accepting good challenges occurs when it misclicks the ground or your opponent moves when the bot right clicks. The bot will accept the challenge again after 3-5 seconds if the same guy challenges you again.
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