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  1. Put the item in your inventory, then click on Debug - Inventory The number that shows up is the ID
  2. Interested to see how this goes...Might have a couple of accounts for you if it works
  3. Yeah you'd be probably quicker off making the money to buy it rather than mine it bro
  4. I understand bro But yea safe botting is the way to go, even for goldfarming imo. The moment you get greedy, is the moment the bans start rolling in
  5. That looks bloody badass mate! Keep it up How are you finding bans atm?
  6. Ok so the Arora browser just dc's every 2 mins. Anyone know how to play osrs on the Maxthon client now? It tells me "Cannot open this URL. Protocol Jagex-jav is not associated with any program." Help pleaseeeee:(
  7. Sorry I went to sleep, the browser is called "Arora"
  8. Fount one now anyway, thanks for the help :}
  9. You cant use proxies with users/pass on firefox can you?
  10. Anyone know of any browsers to run proxies on? Need to do some manual training on an account and Tribot is abit to laggy. Maxthon doesn't seem to want to work for me, well it used too. Now everytime I try to go to a website it tells me to download a file .. so anyone know of any others apart from Maxthon? Thanks
  11. Worst hours to bot would have to be Jagex working hours, I normally start around 4-5pm Uk time, but got greedy one day and ran it from 6am, both accounts were banned.
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