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  1. Validated's 1 Month Membership Pin Shop In Stock! Why Buy Off Me? - I'm in stock 24/7 - Fast smooth trades - My very cheap prices - I'm Online a lot of the time Prices 1X 1 Month = 1.5m 07gp Contact Me Email me: [email protected] or Private Message me! If you are looking to buy mass pins for cheap please contact me!
  2. Validated


    Nice Trade With Caution Tag, Plus the 2k$ debt you are in with the community lmao
  3. Validated


    I cant say I have ever made a deal with this user. I do not use Skype for business inquiry's anyways. I have skype but I don't use it for customers. Please private message me screen shots
  4. I have 3 credits, if your interested shoot me a PM!
  5. Got my hands on a few credits but I have no purpose for them. 1m Each I got 3
  6. Validated


    Nice trade with caution reward
  7. Validated


    Not my problem you chose to scam, hence the trade with caution award. lol
  8. Validated


    https://tribot.org/forums/topic/44463-permanently-ban-mccune/ You tell me.
  9. Validated


    I am getting these pins from a very cheap souce.
  10. Validated


    What are you talking about?
  11. Validated


    Delete this thread please junked.
  12. I got my hands on a very good amount of credits on the runescape gambling website called bigboibets. I will be selling the credits for 1 million osrs gp per 7000 credits. If your looking to purchase more we will negotiate a price. Contact me using PM system!
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