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  1. I have 3 credits, if your interested shoot me a PM!
  2. Got my hands on a few credits but I have no purpose for them. 1m Each I got 3
  3. This is happening to everyone wait for TrIleZ
  4. I got my hands on a very good amount of credits on the runescape gambling website called bigboibets. I will be selling the credits for 1 million osrs gp per 7000 credits. If your looking to purchase more we will negotiate a price. Contact me using PM system!
  5. Validated's Fire Cape Service All prices will be negotiated, depending on stats. Contact me [email protected] or PM Me
  6. I would go check out some guides on the forum.
  7. Still need this?
  8. Reporting the post is usual the best way, as when you do, a moderator will be notified and will review the post.
  9. This is awesome news!! Thanks a lot Tribot!
  10. I still have codes for sale!
  11. This was a very well organized guide, Thank you!
  12. I do not use skype for business inquiry's!

  13. I just messaged you back!