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  1. Restarting the client actually solved my issue, sorry!
  2. Been having an issue where it's just been getting stuck on downloading script. Any idea how to fix?
  3. Hey, purchased this script this morning and I've been trying to start it, however after adding my items, using full AI, then clicking either start or ez start the script just stands there and says script not started. Do I need to be authorized or something before I can use it? Cheers.
  4. Not my main, but it's been created for a long time and had requirements. Yes I had done zulrah before on it.
  5. Also received a ban after only ~4 hours of running the script with breaks. Yikes.
  6. Could you possibly add ahrims support now that it doesn't degrade on death?
  7. Thanks for the quick reply, would I add the stairs to the misclick handler then?
  8. Hey buddy, got a quick question, on one of my accounts it sometimes misclicks on a set of stairs that takes it down a floor, then it goes into idle mode. Would I use the misclick handler to fix this or how would I go about that? Cheers.
  9. @Usa still having the no leathers glitch. Says I'm out of leathers when I still have 10k+ in the bank mate. [23:14:18] Script Started: USA Crafter.[23:14:22] Making Blue d'hide body[23:14:22] Mouse speed set to 130[23:41:22] We are out of Blue d-leather. Stopping Script![23:41:24] Script Ended: USA Crafter.
  10. Hey does this only support magic imbue for lavas or does it have talisman support too? I would like to use it on a 1 defence account without access to lunars.
  11. Material: Blue d'leather, but also happened with sapphires. Product: Bodies/cut saphhires Location: (if applicable) Issue experienced: Script stopped due to being 'out of supplies' with 20k+ leathers in the bank on multiple occasions. Picture: (Image)
  12. Would it be possible to add it so we can choose the interval of range potion drinking? I'd like to drink them more frequently than the script currently is. Cheers.
  13. yo u buyin gp atm?

  14. Hey, I'm using a 2handed spec weapon and after power surge is finished the bot only re-equips my primary weapon but not my rune defender. Do I need to add the rune defender id somewhere or how can I fix this? Cheers.
  15. FFS, I run it 5 hours while im out and come back to 63 attack zerker. Didn't plan on 70 anytime soon, running this script made me do otherwise. Thanks my man.
  16. Any chance of potion support? Also would it be possible to make it stop the script when in the slayer dungeon and your task is complete? You are only allowed to kill monsters from slayer in there so when you finish a task it keeps on trying to attack and Nieve comes up with a chatbox that says you're only allowed to kill assigned slayer monsters there. Thanks for all your time and effort! Gunna upgrade to the premium script soon!
  17. Would it be possible for you to add super restore support as well? ID's 4 dose: 3024 3 dose 3026 2 dose: 3028 1 dose: 3030
  18. Any chance of adding custom potions so I can use my own super potions? Great script thanks!
  19. Are the bans people are getting bot busting bans or bot detection bans? Would be good to know. Thanks. Also @ Tri: two things that are really bot like are clicking through the walls and the hovering just goes back and forth which looks very bot like.
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