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  1. Just brought the script. It ran perfectly for an hour. Then "The maximum amount of isntances for this script has been surpassed. Cannot run script" This is my second time buying the script for a month in the last 6 months and this didnt happen before - please help nvm just messed with me for 10 mins then fixed itself somehow o_o
  2. aw man i had no idea, mods feel free to remove with my apologies
  3. Hey guys, so ive been playing for a while. Back in 09, this acct was nearly a turm rune pure, its got veng quested andd 95 pray done on eoc but doesnt have turm quested. other than that its got rune gloves up to rfd and 75 attack. I just hate eoc and am looking to get rid of the damn thing. Its got email registration blaablabla from back in the day when i cared about the account. If you want me to unregister the email, i can, to be honest, i dont even know which email its registered to as the account has a username login as opposed to an email login, im sure i could probably try every email ive ever used and remove it if it comes to that. I dont know how to explain any clearer that i have no use for this account, i hate eoc and love my 07 pure that im on right now which desperately needs cash. its got no bans on eoc and 1 macroing ban on 07. This is my first time trading and im just looking to get rid of it for as much 07 gp as i can as i have one botted 07 pure thats now my main. This account has been heavily botted and has only had one owner (me) go ahead and offer or direct me to someone who can please (: looking for as much 07gp as i can get for it, im not sure what to ask for here are some pictures: thanks for your time (:
  4. have a 10$ prepaid visa card id like to use to buy 3m and no idea how to use the damn thing, ive tried using it on gold sites and it says adress doesnt match blalblalba
  5. Just logged on to say its still running (: (since last night) bot seems to be working flawless as of 12/13/2013 thanks tri <3 and how do we run 3 per auth because it just tells me i cant run more than one instance and terminates when i try i.e do i wanna open 2 client tabs or 2 seperate client windows and what settings should i use to avoid this etc?
  6. Cheers thanks for the fast response, just updated, running it again now, if its still running tomorrow, i guess thatll be how i know its fixed, and lololol this guy in the cave with me is using the same script i am, i can so tell. Also do i have to purchase another copy of this bot to run 2 accts at once? if not, how do i do that, as it says i cant run 2 instances of the script ): i just bought it but dont have another 10$ haha :.(
  7. hi trie, i tried using this script on 2 of my accounts and it said " [11:31:22] The maximum amount of instances for this script has been surpassed. Stopping script. " I only tried for 5 minutes, i had no idea i have to buy multiple auths.. i just paid for this script and is it disabled now because of this? because it isnt working sincerely, user who made a mistake edit: if my auth hasnt been disabled then the scipt killed 2 exipiriments and stopped, dont know if im doing something wrong or its broken, there was a slayer update today EDIT: MY BAD, FIXED IT, PROBLEM WAS MY MISTAKE, cheers (: 2ND EDIT: the script does have one main issue, like others have mentioned, it idles after leaving the cave when out of supplies, it doesnt go to the bank or do anything after it uses up inv and i know i have gui set up right ):
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