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  1. @Worthy Need update/ https://gyazo.com/c45b7e5a01852e5ce6c7dadaed8f6835
  2. So many missclick! :// https://gyazo.com/7051b9aeb07ebaa99beb63c3f12b9a7f https://gyazo.com/bba759f7edbc40064bb774d6a38d4887 https://gyazo.com/c03ba8bfefa312c464db3fc1f8642302 https://gyazo.com/e3db3ef3c5d93cc75dea348b4233eafd
  3. very nice private script created for me, thank you very much! =)))
  4. I do not recommend instal widecap, hacked after
  5. Hell Dear Botters! I just wonder is it worth to come back to botting in 07. I had longer break from bottig, i stop doing it form one reason: expenses were bigger than profits. I am planning to come back to botting because I would like to earn some chin chin you know what I mean $$$ who dont like them . I would like to ask you question and advice Is it woth it to come back to boting? Iam planning some investment about 150$ for script proxy and I would like to know is it possible to earn some $$. Does Jagex still spam with bans ? For any repond I will really aprreciate. I will aprreciate your helps dear players. Kind Regards bzq!
  6. hi can you advise me from who i can purchase new and never being used proxy to botting runescape? Kind regards , thank you
  7. @ Starfox when you will add the upgrade for the ge?
  8. Last location before getting banned?: ---- Skill botted?: ---- Breaks or no?: None If so how long?: None How long did you bot per day?: 10-12h/24 Banned before?: No Type of ban?: Perm VPS/VPN/Proxy?: Yes 1 proxy per account Scripts Used?: private script Other Bots Used?: ---- How many bots at a time were being run?: 12 Date banned?: 08-02-15 Fresh account/Days acc used?: New accounts 12x ban
  9. how to set file to read-only? http://gyazo.com/46c25d4232425aef4b96175948de155a
  10. how to DISABLE human mouse on linux?
  12. hi when the script is loading using lixus, script dont dont want to turn o, its really weird because 2 days ago ithe script was working, screen from clent debug http://gyazo.com/254bb320731524ec769359124d39055d