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  1. damn, now i have to restart script i guess hhaha nice update tho
  2. it did it last night, but now it seems to be working. so no real issue for now
  3. post here or add my skype in signature
  4. hello, ive been around for sometime, so i decided to open a goldshop. i will always be on the lowest price possible. i have stock of 07RSgold each 2days 15M+ so i need some gold buyers payment methods for trusted users: PP/MB payment methods for new users: Moneybookers later available payments: PA CURRENT RATE: 2.5$/m buy all my gold: 2.4$/m Current 07rs Stock: 0M skype: RunescapeOfficial skype is also in my signature. Don't trust me? we can use trusted mm!
  5. if still buying add my skype in signature or pm me on tribot to get faster response.
  6. i would sell you but i'm scared of chargebacks lol. if you pay via moneybookers i can sell you 10M 07 at 2.7$/M rate.
  7. do you mind adding the option "cut and string" feature ? also please make the number it type random, it always types 99 very nice script tho
  8. THIS. got same problem with my accounts! please fix
  9. getting this error in night when i'm botting, pretty frustrating i think it tries to set a box in a tree or something please hotfix this.
  10. does it buy a new bird when it goes fly on the falconry hunter thing?
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