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  1. Admins please help me out

    Will try that tonight! Thanks
  2. Admins please help me out

    Ehh, the computer I used back then was my desktop. Over the past years I've made a system reset though.
  3. Admins please help me out

    idk, but that's irrelevant to my question?
  4. Admins please help me out

    Do you know a way how I can get my login e-mail back?
  5. Admins please help me out

    Hi, 2.5 years ago, when 2007 scape came back on, I botted by using TriBot on my acc. Now I forgot my runescape account login e-mail adress... Is there any way (admins) to see what account names/e-mail I linked to this TriBot account years ago? Thanks!
  6. Making free bot paints!

    working on this one:
  7. We need YOUR help to solve the randoms!

    yes the frog random, my bot always get stucked there
  8. Logo for TRiBOT

    please delete