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  1. yehshift

    Admins please help me out

    Will try that tonight! Thanks
  2. yehshift

    Admins please help me out

    Ehh, the computer I used back then was my desktop. Over the past years I've made a system reset though.
  3. yehshift

    Admins please help me out

    idk, but that's irrelevant to my question?
  4. yehshift

    Admins please help me out

    Do you know a way how I can get my login e-mail back?
  5. yehshift

    Admins please help me out

    Hi, 2.5 years ago, when 2007 scape came back on, I botted by using TriBot on my acc. Now I forgot my runescape account login e-mail adress... Is there any way (admins) to see what account names/e-mail I linked to this TriBot account years ago? Thanks!
  6. I've no clue, It eats at like 20-30 hp right? I will test it again and babysit
  7. I died to this . The frist shark was going good, but the second shark he didn't eat somehow. But anyways thanks for the free release
  8. Thanks for this! But how are you guys running 6+ hours, aren't there any randoms out there?
  9. yehshift

    We need YOUR help to solve the randoms!

    yes the frog random, my bot always get stucked there