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  1. What is the safest method to member up many low level accounts if they are going to be used in a bot farm?
  2. If you are planning on botting using a proxy, then what is the safest way to make characters?
  3. Thank you for the feedback, Would I be better of getting a new proxy ip?
  4. Not mad but just kind of disappointed. Just purchased a new proxy service, and ran a couple scripts to get me off of tut island and run a couple f2p quests. This morning I woke up to a double macro perm ban. I'm assuming my new proxy ip is flagged at this point?
  5. I've had the exact same problem today. Still trying to figure it out.
  6. I'm not someone who clicks on phishing sites, or any of that garbage. Seriously, you should either read through any updates made recently to the client, or be reading through scripts. I really do believe this was the cause. Haven't had a virus in over 3 years. Downloads your client, gets a trojan nearly instantly. Kind of hard to ignore that.
  7. Here's an update: Virus was found in Java, most likely from the client or from one of the scripts. A mod should look into this quickly..
  8. I've done numerous things to try to fix it. As soon as I get access again I will be using the authenticator
  9. I never used the word hack lol. I'm suggesting that some of the scripts may have malicious intent written in them. I was prompted several times by both scripts to allow server rights to be able to communicate with my computer. Those server allowances may be the cause. And I have considerable computer experience so please stop with the "you clicked on an advertisement or you don't know what your talking about" The fact that the client saves your username and password is a direct reason for it to be able to get sent through the client to a server somehow. It's not that hard to script in. It could also have been slipped into the client somehow through a developer. I'm not blaming tribot as of yet, however I can't help but question it as the source. I would like to have a mod comment or a developer who works with the client or gets to oversee the writing of the premium scripts. Would appreciate that sort of input. thanks
  10. I have scripted for a couple different bots now, and I'm not very likely getting any malicious software from any other sources. The scripts I've used are: Tri Fire Giant killer, and The Magic AIO script. However with that said, it's completely possible it was put into the client on an update and no one noticed.. but i'll let the mods look it over.
  11. I just started using this bot, and my password has been changed within the last 24 hours. I've had this account for the last 5 years and never had it changed. Might want to look into your client and your premium scripters scripting, for any odd looking script. Pretty unsettling to be honest.
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