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  1. I added you on skype but you haven't accepted yet. I'm looking to purchase this tomorrow or Wednesday (since tomorrow is bot busting day)
  2. So by watching a few of the streams, it's clear that they look for patterns on your account. I feel as if you could easily reduce your chances of being banned by logging out for a bit, then switching up your activity and playing legit. Such as pking, maybe even doing fletching legitimately or firemaking. Just an idea. What are your guy's thoughts?
  3. Would you say the ban rate for this script is relatively low? I might be purchasing if you could help me out with a few things and answer a few questions.
  4. How is the ban rate on this script? I'm currently asking for a refund for Tri PC since he has yet to respond to anyone while he has been updating and responding to other threads.
  5. My only complaint thus far at rock crabs, is that when i'm using the eastern spot. It runs south to reset (i'm assuming that's what it's doing), and then it just sits there and does not move. Edit: Upon banking and attempting to return to rock crabs, it continually walks to the woodcutting spot and back to the bank.
  6. What is the ban-rate like on this bot? (I know, you can't really tell me, too many variables) I'm about to purchase a pc script and extended vip for looking glass. Thanks for info in advance
  7. What is the ban rate like with this script? Also, could you suggest me a few spots to get up to level 40+ish? I'd like to then do mother lode mine.
  8. Ah okay, well then what would you recommend that I smith for money? Would cannonballs be good profit?
  9. Ah okay, are you planning on updating it anytime soon? Also, does this come with blast furnace support?
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