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  1. congratz to prem scripter after 10 years of work!

    1. WillB


      Thanks bby ❤️

  2. WillB

    WB Farmer BETA

    Yes it supports both.
  3. WillB

    WB Farmer BETA

    It can use most teles as long as you have them equipped / in inventory.
  4. WillB

    WB Farmer BETA

    I have completed a massive upgrade to this script, should be coming soon
  5. WillB

    WB Farmer BETA

    Great, hit me up with a PM!
  6. WillB

    Einstein Path Builder [Scripting Tool]

    Probably the best Path Builder on TRiBot.
  7. You can try: https://tribot.org/forums/topic/68923-universal-web-walker-open-source/
  8. WillB

    WB Farmer BETA

    Yes, I am totally reworking the GUI and that will be included. Update should be some time this week.
  9. WillB

    WB Farmer BETA

    It will definitely be a feature in the future. I am expecting there to be any update to farming so I've suspended development until then. Edit: The update to farming has already occurred so development will resume soon.
  10. WillB

    WB Farmer BETA

    I haven't been work on it the past few months. I will continue soon once I get some other projects finished.
  11. WillB

    WB Farmer BETA

    Yes it will log back in and restart. Tool leprechaun will come in a future update. Edit: Also, I'll check out the ectophial issue in a day or two once I've quested my account.
  12. WillB

    WB Farmer BETA

    Teleports should work for those locations. Make sure you add them to the inventory list.