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  1. I will release one sometime.
  2. Great guy, helped me out with a stupid mistake on my part
  3. Not sure, I haven't looked at it in months.
  4. K
  5. Yes
  6. They removed the settings for the plants so we can no longer get the state for each plant without being there. I have an (almost) fully functional farming script that works without settings that I will probably release in the future.
  7. Learnt a lot from this tutorial, thanks.
  8. @xCode @ackight If it's not feasible as a premium script then obviously it won't get released, I will do some more research into it though.
  9. Working on one hopefully for prem
  10. He said UN not EU https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_Nations
  11. I'm sure you're well educated in British politics and Economics @WYD