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  1. Fifman, it shouldnt be long Ive been talking to him and he is finalizing it. As i have understood he wants to make sure it works good before releasing. Better for us, and better for him be patient! I recommend buying this one aswell, as you will recive the new script for free + you can start right away
  2. @not jumbo You need to set the maul spec at 50% for it to use the 2nd spec. The reason it switches to dscim is because you have set it to spec at only 100% so it takes like 1-2 sec to reach 100 and therfore it switches back. Set it at 50% and it should be solved
  3. Not sure about the degrade time of Dharok armour, but would it be possible for the script to "switch" gear once its degraded fully? Like when its at 0 it banks the items and withdraws a new set? Or maybe just repairs the old one?
  4. [14:02:22] Scammed 3 times. Stopping script. This happens, ALL the time. Like it might work for 2 hours, then this happens and shuts the bot down.
  5. Another thing is that we dont get to "save the settings" Its fucking anyoing having to fill in everything all the time..
  6. Its very eager to witdraw super restores instead of prayer potions :/ and is there a way for it to "buy" more overloads instead of having it witdraw them from the bank?
  7. Been using this for 10 hours each day for a month, its really nice not even a 2 day ban yet
  8. Experienced some problems when i tried to use DDS for specs, so i added him on skype to talk to him. He sorted my problems out quick and was super friendly! Honestly couldnt be happier about buying this script! Worth every dollar!
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