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  1. My mistake, I just didn't delete the old hooks after today's update! Many thanks, mate. Awesome script
  2. Seems to be not working after the last tribot update. Custom does not open and Progressive does not work, always says "walking to bank" but the script is inactive.
  3. Oh I see! I apologise, I didn't realise this was a mechanic of the blast mine. Great script by the way from what I've seen thus far, I used nblast furnace for two 99s so I'm looking forward to this one. Top quality work.
  4. Question: when is the script scheduled to collect deposited ore, and is there an option to change this? I can't see the information or an option for either.
  5. Still liking the script. However, one thing I have noticed while 3 iron ore stationary mining is that the script pauses a little too long over the clicked rock after clicking instead of moving to the next rock. understandable that this would increase the ban rate if used over a long period, but is there any chance we could have an option of speeding up the process of moving to the next rock, just for speed mining? Bit of a niche ask, understandable if you don't want to implement this. Still love the script nonetheless.
  6. Much obliged. I'll probably be able to create upload a side by side comparison so you can see any other areas for yourself. Would it be okay to DM that to you when complete?
  7. LG is what I imagined the problem the be. I'll do a full reinstall and let you know the outcome, but really I don't mind only using fixed mode, I seem to be getting no issues and the script is otherwise perfect. I'll be able to do a few gold runs in the next day or so so I'll be able to provide some feedback on that aspect soon. Sorry for repeating myself, but are you able to remove that imgur screenshot from your previous post? It has a username in it which I would prefer not to be seen now. Thanks again
  8. Sorry about that, had a few issues with the upload after I checked and it wouldn't let me edit the post. Here is the correct link: Also, would you be able to delete that screenshot of the imgur webpage from your previous post, please? Privacy reason
  9. Here is the requested gif, it clicks iron ore 3 times: https://imgur.com/a/BU1P8UQ Here are the debugs, I've cut out the part where the client starts because I was using other scripts but if you would like it on a fresh client just let me know:
  10. Yeah, I'll be able to try and recreate the issue for you and take a gif of it later this evening. It works fine for the first couple of inventories, but then the issue starts. After withdrawing the wrong ore it just deposits it back into the back and takes out the correct one, but doesn't learn the correct positioning and always goes for the wrong one. I tried pausing the script and moving the ores around, moving non-ore items to the places of the incorrect ores, but then it just tries to take out these items. I didn't see anything wrong in the debug but I'll post that along with the gif, see if you can find something I'm missing. Off the top of my head, it was around 3,500/700. Definitely no more than 4000, definitely in the mid 3000's. It should be around the high 4000's. I'll make a gif of that as well and post it later if you'd like. From memory, I think it's just a speed thing to make it more efficient - the script changes gloves at the bank instead of while moving, that sort of thing. I'll do my own run in my spare time and compare. For reference, I am using LG for all the methods, OSbuddy and now Runelite.
  11. Whilst doing bars in resizeable (tried mithril and addy so far), it keeps selecting the wrong ore on the second trip to the bank chest. This is a continuous thing, not random. Debug has it searching for the right ore but ti always selects the wrong one. Tried deleting hooks, only happens in resizeable, not fixed. Any ideas? Other than that, absolutely amazing script. Gold smithing seems a little slow (was getting 210k which was a bit on the low side) but all other bars are perfect in resizeable.
  12. Small issue with banking at the mining guild after the latest update, not tried anywhere else yet. When going to the deposit box it clicks the deposit worn items button, not inventory. Would this be a script or a Tribot issue? Hooks and cache have been deleted.
  13. I'm having the same issue, stuck on 'starting.' Here are my debugs: And the Client: Update: It is working but incredibly slowly, one action every couple of minutes. Just withdrew bow strings and (u) bows after 3 and a half minutes. Hooks.dat have been deleted, I'm using Windows and LG.
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