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  1. Maybe you coded it so badly that it just jumps always to the same world ? At that specific world there were ALOT players just waiting for the trees to spawn because they were cut down so fast as there were too much people ...
  2. So ... if it isn't possible for it to worldhop, then why did I just found one of my accounts at that specific world again ? I've already restarted the script many times after you said that "it's been already removed" and still it keeps world hopping...
  3. Well hopped world like 1h ago... reloaded the script 8h ago hoping for update... well gonna reload it again now if you say its removed...
  4. Hopefully getting that world hopping removed soon ?
  5. Would have been quite nice to "fix" this when you say so and not just post next day that you will be out for couple of days... Long time botting is basically impossible as it will jump to that World Y, which is full of other botters and I get there like 100 Yews per hour... with woodcutting lvl of 9x...
  6. Why does the script change the world I'm botting at to another from time to time ? I start at World X and after like 2-5hours I notice that there is ALOT of botters in same world and check if the world is still the same and its been changed to World Y. Every time the world is changed its World Y. I'm not using any breaks at all and I even tested setting specigic world on Account Manager, but its still changing world to World Y from time to time. And this is happening to alot people I think... I noticed that there were ALOT botters in World Y.
  7. Well atleast dont use this script as there is like zero anti ban on this one...
  8. Used this for couple days, botted about 5h a day and result is "Macroing Major (ban) X2" (X2 = 2 times same ban at the same time), perma ban. Well worked okey while it lasted.. even though had problems with randoms that teleported somewhere to do something like "Evil Sister".
  9. Have been using this for a while now, but I'm just wondering why this doesnt support magic trees at gnome stronghold?
  10. bought this today, using at stronghold but I got 2 problems. 1. I cant get it go down to floor 2 (flesh crawlers), because when the bot clicks ladder, an warning pop up will show up asking if I really want to go down. - How can I get this one to work? 2. When it was teleporting out after running out of food. Random even came up and teleported me away. Bot solved it and teleported me back to crawlers and here comes the problem. The bot didnt try to teleport out anymore it just continued to kill crawlers so I had to pause the bot and manually teleport to town. - Anyway to solve this one ? EDIT: Actually noticed that the whole script seems to stop working after random event that teleports me away for while (like prison pete) EDIT 2: Okey this is starting to get annoying, this time I was teleported to that "evil sister" random, the bot solved it but the script though it was teleported to varrock and started banking and path walking even though after the random event it was just afking at monsters almos dying again...
  11. Would be quite nice to have bird nest banked too, atm it only picks them up and leaves them on inventory (backpack) and deposits the logs... Had like 8 bird nests on inventory when I woke up EDIT: Btw... it still does open friend list even though I'm togglin it off from antiban options (restarted client)
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