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  1. Oh man I'm stupid, I assumed it meant it would drop junk items after it loots crates and figured there was no point in my checking it since I'm looting the crates myself.. in that case I haven't got anything else.
  2. Made a new level 3 account to test this out, and works great! Babysat for an hour or so while I played on my main and it worked (almost) flawlessly. Because it clicks a tile before chopping logs, it would also pick up items people drop such as jugs and vials, but no big deal since it's only one inventory space. I left the house for an hour and a half and came back to an inventory full of cakes/jugs, so as a suggestion, make it so it will drop any foreign items or drop items if there are less than 20 inventory spaces free? Other than that, I've found it works fine, cheers!
  3. Hmm, I didn't run into that issue because my Paypal is linked to my bank account, I just don't use credit. Maybe you'll have to organise something at https://tribot.org/forums/forum/143-buying/ :/
  4. So I've verified my email address to pay with Paypal, however when I check out it gives me this message " Please verify the ownership of your PayPal account email address. ", even though literally one line below that message, it has the same email listed as verified. Any ideas? I can't pay with credit card or bitcoins. Thanks in advance. EDIT: I verified another email on the Paypal account and the transaction went through.