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  1. I'm trying to do ernest.. However, the client crashed at the start.. so I restarted it.. now it says I've exceeded the maximum instances.. now what?
  2. Thanks for the quick reply, much appreciated.
  3. I've heard that this client is able to play on a web browser and/or OSBuddy etc? How can I find some information on this as well as what's required to use it? Thanks.
  4. I've died a few times with this script now. I'm not quite sure what the cause is as I've not babysat it yet. Anyone know the causation's for it?
  5. I've added the addresses that you've stated in the OP however, I still get the white box when starting the script. I can't add you on skype, as I don't have it.. Any easy fix?
  6. If you use this script sensibly, you will achieve 99s.. Set up your breaks to a realistic attempt.. Run it for 5 hours a night and shut down.. Either way, you can achieve 99 legit, sensibly or get banned trying.
  7. So I've just purchased this script. Open it, "always allow" about 50 connections.. Then choose lumbridge men. "Begin" and nothing happens?
  8. The bot has a major flaw that is trying to be exposed by a few people. I've witnessed it accept the first trade screen with more items in the trade window than the other person can account for in coins. What I seen: *other party will be referred to as '2' Trade opened, 2 put up 3300k for an amulet of fury, bot put up amulet of fury and accepted, 2 changed to 3299k, bot revoked the item, 2 changed 3299k to 6600k, bot put up 2 amulet of furies, 2 changed to 3300k, bot accepted with two furies and so did 2. Without my interaction to click the mini-map and run, the trade would've been accepted. I also got the "Thank You =P" message after I ran. Please have this major flaw amended..
  9. Thanks for your reply, I think some of the issues I stated could be fixed by simply adding some sort of function that remembers your saved settings? For example, if I fill out the gui to my criteria then have the option to "save" then when I reload the bot or script, I can manually select from a saved file/database and load up multiple different saved templates. Would make ease of use much better and eliminate typos that can cost you your bank.
  10. This script needs some work for it's price.. From the last week or so using it these are the problems I've incurred; - Logs out randomly thinking it's finished buying / selling what it's been requested to do. - I lost 6M worth of red partyhats from which I can only assume was from an error I did myself on the value of the items I wanted to sell.. So quickly got cleaned, I understand this is an issue on my behalf, but most of the time I'm remote connecting to my desktop from my phone to check and keep restarting the script. Perhaps something big and red and bold on the paint would at least warn users of their sale price rather than finding out after they're cleaned. - Struggles with random events, not sure if this is your issue. - If someone waits the entire trade screen time and then puts an offer up, then they decline. You log out believing your sale is completed. There should also be an option to sell / buy *all as an option, rather than 10 or 20 or whatever you guess will be the sale pattern. If you're flipping items then it would be nice to have the option to buy as many as your current cash stack will allow, then when that is used up it only concentrates on selling, then when you can buy more it starts up buying and selling again. My 2 cents, but it sucked loosing 6m.
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