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  1. Wrath

    RS3 Banrate

  2. Wrath

    RS3 Banrate

    What's the banrate like on RS3 does anyone know? Considering giving it a try and making a main, not going to do it tho if its anything like OSRS banrate.
  3. Wrath

    Returning to Botting.

    Damn not even long enough to trade? I really do have a burning hatred for Mod Weath, he even has me blocked on Twitter ;( So maybe if I tried 20 accounts an hour I might get away with it but the amount of effort that takes kind of defeats the point in itself seeing as I could just kill Zulrah for an hour on my main and make close to that.
  4. Wrath

    Returning to Botting.

    I have a method to make 100k an hour f2p per acc going to attempt to throw gold on a mule after 6 hours so 12 mil a ban doesnt seem too bad to me.
  5. Wrath

    Returning to Botting.

    I know I sound retarded but whats the difference? And can I just use 1 proxy for 20 accounts since I dint care about the throwaways being banned?
  6. Wrath

    Returning to Botting.

    Hey guys, I have a few questions, about a year ago Jagex banned my main (I botted on it like an idiot) and I've been playing legitimately on a new account for about a year now and plan on Gold farming about 1bil putting it onto a mule and laundering it to my main, my questions are, If I have premium access to a VPN is that the same as a proxy? I have an account creator and I plan on running about 20 F2P bots at a time under the same vpn (Really dont care if they get banned they're throwaways) then I would transfer all the money to my 126 friend to stake all at once about 100mil at a time (unknowingly botted gold) then if I win have him give it all to me, with these steps what are the risk of my main getting banned if it has no contact with the VPN IPs?
  7. Wrath

    Tips for deadman combat botting?

    Whelp that explains it, lmfao.
  8. Wrath

    Tips for deadman combat botting?

    Lucky, lots of clans barrage at rock crabs, loot, then world hop.
  9. Hey man, do you think you could add support for the Gnome Stronghold Fly fishing area and banking? I tried to do it there and it just got confused as to where it was and tried to log me out, this is the safest/fastest exp on deadman modewould easily buy lifetime if you got this to work and add banking support for the area.
  10. So can anyone explain to me why it spams "Right click Attack, Right click, attack , Right click attack" REPEATEDLY lol.
  11. Wrath

    After update tribot trouble!

    I was just about to say, maybe he should flip off the client, that might fix it.
  12. This did nothing. Ended up retrying to script after I read this, was able to get my full void in a day, seems to be a little glitchy still but not nearly as bad as defending, or melee. So Attacking with ranged is the only real viable thing with this script right now, unless you want to get banned in an hour or two.
  13. Wrath

    Trying to decide what p2p script to buy

    USA Abyss Runecrafter is my favorite script been using it for many many many months on the same account for about 6 hours a day making 300k an hour. Botting will always get you banned eventually tho and you should always jump into it knowing that.
  14. Screenshot of my settings, have them as plain as it gets still freaking out hard with those doors. Edit:Yeah it seems I just have to use the free script if I want my points the spazzing out with the doors will get me banned fast as hell, unfortunate that I can only do medium boat with the free one tho eh.
  15. Ive tried alot of different settings I just tried switching to ranged and it still REALLY wants to run in and out those south doors. Edit: No matter what I try it keeps running from south to the defending platform back and forth back and forth.