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  1. figured it out. dl java 20x8 http://filehippo.com/download_jre_32/58438
  2. im having the same problems, it opens up the first ui, i tried all verisions of java, ive updated java to latest, restarted pc, but when i click login it just disapears and no client starts up
  3. just dont bot alching, this is the main thing i get banned for
  4. When i start it up on cosmics, im in the bank near fairys all inven ready and tiara on, then when i click start he just stands there doing nothing?
  5. for some reason when i do balloon laws, its just getting to the mysteriras runes and loggin out, doesnt even try entering them and i cant see anything wrong in the bot debug
  6. hope i dont jynx myself with this but i do 130-140 (random number) and i havent been banned from 44-91 soooo
  7. this is stupid man, bought the script today hoping to craft to nats and be on with making cash now im hand balling fucking fires because the script is fucked
  8. dude why dont u have ur own acc... this seems an occurring thing with scripters that sell on this site, they never have testing accounts
  9. bot things nobody else would bot, when im buying a script the first thing i check is user count, if its 500+ user count theres 500 people probably making the exact click paterns .... either buy private scripts off people like "worthy" and such or make you own if you want to be safe-ish