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  1. @TRiLeZ , do I need to send the whole 20 data files just to get the mouse or there is another way?
  2. Yes, that's probably the case as my VIP-e ran out and after some time (a week or so) I bought it again, damn, what do I do now? A funny thing is that this happened to me before, but after some time THE SAME human mouse key appeared.
  3. Sent TRiLeZ a pm, hopefully I'll get it back.
  4. Hey guys, I had my human mouse key or whatever it's called before, but somehow it's gone and when the client loads it says that no human mouse found or something like that. The thread where people send their mouse data seems dead also, could someone help me there?
  5. This script requires java 8u60 as a minimum right? Funny is that the latest I can run is java 8u51 (1 version older). The 8u60 throws me errors when loading the client.( Tried centos 5, centos 6) Could someone help me/tell me how you install java 8u60 on specifically centos 5 or centos 6? (centos 5 preferably). I would really appreciate it
  6. Thanks
  7. pls fix, can't bot
  8. @TRiLeZ?
  9. Fun fact that this only happens with long usernames for me, what about you @Butta?
  10. Hey guys, like a week ago I started having problems with the login bot. Literally when it enters invalid account details, it fails to delete the whole username and leaves like few or more symbols, that shit continues and then the script stops. I come and find something like [email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@g... instead of [email protected] in the username field . What's wrong?
  11. Fix this please, literally can't leave my bots for long time as I know it will eventually happen.
  12. Also having some problems with the login bot. Seems like it won't fully delete the wrong username sometimes and that leads to typing wrong details many times and script stopping.
  13. Everything might change when they find another person to help Weath ban the bots when he's not online. Heard that's going to happen pretty soon. Don't know if that's good or bad... Botting might become harder, but more rewarding
  14. Is looking glass supported on centos 5? I still get the error after running tribot with java jdk 1.8.0_45 32 bit.
  15. DELETE