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  1. Human mouse

    I also think that this is the reason as I've experienced something similar before. The human mouse would get randomly assigned after some time.
  2. Human mouse

    Hello everyone. I've repurchased VIP extended after being a non-VIP for a while and it's been around a week, but I'm yet to get access to the Human mouse. It says: Could not load human mouse data. Reason: No human mouse data checksum found. Is that a bug or there's not enough human mouse profiles for everyone?
  3. Human mouse

    @TRiLeZ , do I need to send the whole 20 data files just to get the mouse or there is another way?
  4. Human mouse

    Yes, that's probably the case as my VIP-e ran out and after some time (a week or so) I bought it again, damn, what do I do now? A funny thing is that this happened to me before, but after some time THE SAME human mouse key appeared.
  5. Human mouse

    Sent TRiLeZ a pm, hopefully I'll get it back.
  6. Human mouse

    Hey guys, I had my human mouse key or whatever it's called before, but somehow it's gone and when the client loads it says that no human mouse found or something like that. The thread where people send their mouse data seems dead also, could someone help me there?
  7. [FREE BETA] Tau Script Maker [Development Release]

    This script requires java 8u60 as a minimum right? Funny is that the latest I can run is java 8u51 (1 version older). The 8u60 throws me errors when loading the client.( Tried centos 5, centos 6) Could someone help me/tell me how you install java 8u60 on specifically centos 5 or centos 6? (centos 5 preferably). I would really appreciate it
  8. Why is gold crashing so hard?

    Everything might change when they find another person to help Weath ban the bots when he's not online. Heard that's going to happen pretty soon. Don't know if that's good or bad... Botting might become harder, but more rewarding
  9. My Looking glass wont run

    Is looking glass supported on centos 5? I still get the error after running tribot with java jdk 1.8.0_45 32 bit.
  10. Make Client starter more reliable

    Also, would be great if it worked on Linux ( For me it doesn't work on Centos 5, I don't know about other Linux OS)...
  11. Human Mouse Implementation

    As other people said, it uses so much CPU and after around an hour it starts taking long breaks between actions.
  12. Login screen state

    ok, thanks for advice.
  13. Login screen state

    Hi, Login.login() should perform full login at any given state, but when it is called after failed world hopp (by failed I mean left on change world screen) it stucks and DOES NOTHING. Asked to getLoginState() returns LOGINSCREEN, BUT IT IS'NT. It's on a screen, where player can pick world. How should I fix this crap ?
  14. External jar files

    Hi, I have made a jar library which I'd like to use in my scripts. Where should I put it, so my scripts could detect it in Tribot client !? P.S. I'm using eclipse ide and when I code I simply add it as an external jar.