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  1. g g 6

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  2. Thanks. What's your cpu model though?
  3. It is relevant because there's been some strange shit going on about cpu usage and I want to find out whether I'm the only one experiecing it.
  4. Hello everyone, some might have seen my thread about weird cpu consumption I'm experiencing. Can any of you please check real quick how much CPU % an idle, 0 paint delay, minimized tribot client with no script running and no account logged in uses? Please let me know your cpu model as well. Thank you!
  5. Anyone care to share? I would be grateful
  6. I appreciate the suggestions, but it still doesn't explain the random usage, maybe it's some sort of client inefieciency from jagex's side, I really don't know. But if any of you got a minute to spare, please let me know your cpu specs and how much cpu an Idle, minimized, 0 paint delay client uses. Will explain whether there's something I can do or not.
  7. All the tests were done on minimized clients sadly.
  8. Hello everyone, I've got a CPU usage issue that I've been facing for a while and I can not think of any reasons why. I'm running tribot on a dedicated server that's got a benchmark of ~10000 ( according to https://www.cpubenchmark.net/). The Operating system is Windows 2012 R2. I have tried many different java versions/other same specs dedicated server, yet = same results. Currently medium intensivity scripts use the same amount of cpu as an Idle client without anything running on it, both measured at ~4% (I'm using no paint delay), which is hard to understand. I wouldn't be writing about this problem if not some strange occurings, when the client out of nowhere becomes less resource hungry for a few days and an without changing anything whatsoever an idle client uses < 1%, while one with a script running stands at roughly 2.5%. It's not just the tribot client, I've tried loading the official osrs client and sadly I get the same results. I would really appreciate it guys if any of you could share your cpu specs and how much resources an idle minimized client with 0 paint delay currently uses, so that I could get an idea if there's anything wrong with my setup. Thank you!
  9. g g 6

    Human mouse

    I also think that this is the reason as I've experienced something similar before. The human mouse would get randomly assigned after some time.
  10. Hello everyone. I've repurchased VIP extended after being a non-VIP for a while and it's been around a week, but I'm yet to get access to the Human mouse. It says: Could not load human mouse data. Reason: No human mouse data checksum found. Is that a bug or there's not enough human mouse profiles for everyone?
  11. g g 6

    Human mouse

    @TRiLeZ , do I need to send the whole 20 data files just to get the mouse or there is another way?
  12. g g 6

    Human mouse

    Yes, that's probably the case as my VIP-e ran out and after some time (a week or so) I bought it again, damn, what do I do now? A funny thing is that this happened to me before, but after some time THE SAME human mouse key appeared.
  13. g g 6

    Human mouse

    Sent TRiLeZ a pm, hopefully I'll get it back.
  14. g g 6

    Human mouse

    Hey guys, I had my human mouse key or whatever it's called before, but somehow it's gone and when the client loads it says that no human mouse found or something like that. The thread where people send their mouse data seems dead also, could someone help me there?
  15. This script requires java 8u60 as a minimum right? Funny is that the latest I can run is java 8u51 (1 version older). The 8u60 throws me errors when loading the client.( Tried centos 5, centos 6) Could someone help me/tell me how you install java 8u60 on specifically centos 5 or centos 6? (centos 5 preferably). I would really appreciate it
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