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  1. thanks this really helped, never used a mac to bot before xD
  2. I've never used it but after seeing how many people have I may start using it to generate accounts
  3. Its all about Christmas lunch for me, not too fussed about the presents
  4. This is awesome @Sindre Thanks
  5. @afxcel In this post Final Calibur shows that it's possible with selenium and deathbycaptcha https://tribot.org/forums/topic/59211-video-automatic-07scape-account-creation/#entry667357 xD
  6. Well done on getting your first scripts out
  7. Was it the "Bot Busting" team?
  8. Hey

  9. Thanks for sharing bots will be interesting to see where this goes!
  10. Thanks Red! Will be learning lots from your source <3
  11. flax on multiple accounts
  12. @Genka This is greatly appreciated Have you got any proggies of how long this has ran for continuously? Would be very interesting
  13. I was trying to use the "fancy git hub interface" and got a little confused, using the command line was much easier to understand. Thanks Encoded
  14. @turm elite That would be possible, are you still interested? I should be able to work on this during the Xmas holidays
  15. Can you tell me what the items are, I could make one for you @Ierreth