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  1. Hi, I've got VIP currently. Trying to move to VIP+ Due to needing proxies. I've got the credits, I just want to upgrade my plan for the price difference rather than paying 8 credits for nothing more than a proxy. Any help or thoughts appreciated.
  2. Hi, I currently have VIP, and wondering if I can pay the extra 1.5 Credits to upgrade to VIP-E When I click to buy VIP-E Just trys to get me to pay 8 cred. Any help appreciated. Thanks
  3. So I made a new account 2 days ago, and didn't even start doing tutorial island on it. All I had done on that account was customize my char, and the log off. Keep in mind, I purchased a fresh proxy for it, Created the account on Firefox using said Proxy. When I ran Tribot, I opened the Jar with Sandboxy, and selected the same proxy. I'm really slightly befuddled by this. If Anyone has ran into something similar to this, any advice would be appreciated. Thanks. ~Also, if anyone has a solid guide on account creation for making a bot farm, to avoid bans as I have just experienced please let me know (I didn't run any script on that account)
  4. When using looking glass do I still connect to Runescape using the proxy selected through Tribot, or will the mirrored client run through my main ip adress as osbuddy has no option to use a proxy?
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