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  1. Welcome our new developer, Todd

    Hey welcome! So to my understanding when you were an admin back in the day you were learning computer science in Uni? And now you've finished your degree and Trilez added you as a dev? Would be cool to learn the story of how you got started at tribot and how you went advancing ranks.
  2. TRiBot CLI Client Starter

    It's not going to happen so just try your best with what you've got. (what you suggested has been suggested since 2014)
  3. "Thonking" Reaction Added

    Didn't know you had the power to add emotes, thought it could only be done by admins
  4. Good IT/ICT JOBS?

    You can learn java and make your own scripts
  5. Good IT/ICT JOBS?

    You are in the website, goldfarm for your job
  6. Task Framework Tutorial

    @Encoded So can you tell me how much stuff you should include in each task? Because it seems counter-intuitive to do a new task for every small action if your script is big. So for example if I want my script to wc and bank before doing another task that could be a quest or other skill. I can include my whole wcing/banking code in a single task? Or should I spread my wcing into various tasks. (one for walking, one for cutting, one for banking)
  7. Good F2P money making methods?

    Well you saved him 5 seconds. So that's a win for him.
  8. Creating scripts

    The limit should only be on the amount of clients you can run without paying. But you should be able to freely use 1 or two clients with any local scripts.
  9. Request: Custom made Zulrah accounts!

    They can just bot them themselves on zulrah and make more than what you offer? What's your point
  10. Request for Refund on OSRS Dax Hunter

    Posting pictures and video of your issue is the way to go, people can't guess. If we can't see what's happening then it's very hard to help you. Just you writing them down is the first step but def get pictures/video for next time.
  11. How do I get the stuff I bot?

    You gotta mule before you get banned
  12. Mass suicide bot farm questions

    How much do you want to make per month off of botting?