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  1. So why is jagex implementing these changes if they are so easy to overcome? Also what about eagles peak for hunter, a 40 minute easy quest....?
  2. Free Flax Spinner

    what's the gp per hour?
  3. Best way to suicide bot?

    No there's a mod dedicated to working the weekends look her up her name is Acorn.
  4. Jagex is banning based just on total time played

    Do you think it's possible to never fall into that list with current public botting clients?
  5. Botting - trading mules effect ban-rate?

    Muling from any bot to another acc could get it banned. Try to mule, sell the items in the ge and rwt as quick as possible.
  6. Starting up my farm

    YOu'll only lose money, start by botting f2p.
  7. New changes to tribot.

    First let me say that I've bought a total of $1630 credits since I've been on this website. Some of it has gone to private scripts, some of it to monthly auths and some to lifetime. Plus add about $200 more in VIP. I'm sorry but I'm honestly flabbergasted with this change. It simply does not even make sense. 1. Tribot doesn't even support CLI, what kind of client in 2018 doesn't support CLI. The client starter is very slow to use as well as only working on windows. 2. I currently own 12 instances of daxhunter that I paid $180 for lifetime. plus other different lifetime scripts. You're telling me I'm going to lose $180 for nothing?$30 for 2 instances lifetime that's the price dax deemed agreeable back in the day and it was a fair price. There's absolutely no reason for me to lose access to my previous purchases. If you want to make these changes sure do them but keep it only from this point on. 3. Also how do some people running more instances lose you profit? That doesn't make sense, as long as they're paying for VIP. How exactly are they using more "resources". Please do explain this point as it's not clear to me. Maybe since they aren't paying more for each instance you aren't gaining the same percentage per bot? 4. Also my private scripts will now be capped at 100 instances, that's some unfair treatment. I've invested a lot into private scripts on this site. 5. I do not agree with these price changes at all, they don't go well with gold-farming, it's already extremely difficult and gold prices are going down. 6. If you want to cater to the regular user that's completely fine. But please understand that there is competition, it's no longer only tribot. There are other sites that you have to take in mind when pricing. 7. Botting is not as simple as buy script = profit. There's a huge time investment in setting things up, figuring out bans, knowing what works and what doesn't, a huge risk as you have to assume all initial costs on servers/proxies/bonds. Possibility of having mules banned and not being able to sell items botted or rwt. In conclusion I honestly feel robbed, I invested a lot of money into this platform and supported it for years, that was the price we agreed on when I made my purchases and this being changed now feels completely disheartening. I think if you want to do the changes go ahead but it must be from this day on, since we made the agreements at a certain price which reflected what the scripter deemed it worth. Scripts were priced back then accordingly, us old users losing access is not acceptable. Please reconsider this.
  8. Goldfarming is fucking hard, take it from someone whose been doing it for 3 years it actually takes a lot of time investment as well as money to get things right. It's not simply oh look I buy this script = money. There's rwt bans, server costs, proxy costs, bond costs, weeks were you don't profit at all. The extra profit these people get out of the price they paid for is actually done with their own sweat and effort. If the scripters don't think they are getting remunerated enough then sure increase prices but not for old people because that's what they agreed on in the past. And please make sure you are increasing the prices correctly to match what a person can earn with a script.
  9. You have to realize tribot is not the only client on the market, and you should simply cater to more people buying your script. You have to account the factor that the person put in a lot of time into perfecting using your script, there was a lot of time investment in setting up the bots. You simply can't just see it as they made 10k out of your script. Also please include all the costs he had in proxies/servers/bans, sometimes you don't even get to sell your gold. A lot of risks he had to take in doing it, a lot of patience, a lot of time waiting to see results. Think about it if you charged him let's say $1000 to use the script he would have looked elsewhere.
  10. Made a new topic on my post for discussion.
  11. TRiChickens

    Good to have you back too
  12. Low FPS

    I bot with 10 fps all the time just fine
  13. Low FPS

    well the script will always use more cpu once you start it and if the lower fps isn't affecting performance it shouldn't matter.
  14. Can't Dump Heap

    Did you post on usa's thread?