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  1. what do you mean mod grass?
  2. wouldn't know sorry, I don't bot f2p
  3. An extremely necessary update is that the client starter works with linux.
  4. It might be that your vps is to weak to handle osbuddy plus tribot.
  5. restart tribot until it says a correct coordinate. (it can never be -1, -1, 0)
  6. Thanks for the fix
  7. Do you have any video evidence of this occurrence?
  8. What lol? there is only 1 wyvern script on tribot I will try it soon Nice release
  9. so if you get in debt on paypal they can now charge your bank account automatically?
  10. congrats man!
  11. @ @erickho123 Hey, could you please look into getting two lists. I'm sure it will benefit a lot more users. So one list is generated as soon as accounts are created, in case people only want to use acc creation. The other list is created as soon as tut is finished (which is how it works atm) Would really apreciate it and I'm sure others would as well.
  12. how much cpu do you save by disabling graphics?
  13. How hot does it get in the summer?
  14. the question is if you will try to get one with botted gold?
  15. when will you be releasing another thanks to Tribot I got x item in real life? Always excited to see those!