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  1. Yea it got updated you can no longer place a trap if you're getting splashed
  2. what you're asking for is pretty complicated and won't change anything you'll still die, just let it eat food and or bank more often.
  3. Would be pretty expensive, how much are you prepared to pay?
  4. Why even bother with such a bad method/reqs and jagex does ban that location quite often don't think you're the first one trying to bot blast mining.
  5. that doesn't happen, all botters are really patient
  6. Easiest location to support would be lumbridge bank, as any bot can easily home tele from any location and run there without any risk of dying + tiime walking.
  7. No it's not the RAM or CPU it is the OS, windows 2008 does not work well with any client.
  8. How can you bot on windows 2008, no client works on windows 2008 they simply lag too much for no reason.
  9. wait why would you wait so long to post this nonsense?
  10. how extensively did you test your method? normally server and script issues are the least of your worries, actually profiting from using the method is the biggest problem with botting.