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  1. How devastating was it to lose the zulrah account? Why did you not assume you would be banned and thus not feel that sadness when you got banned and otherwise be ready to bot something else?
  2. Interesting
  3. This is a bot for 07scape I don't think you will find any support for rs3 here. Why even try and stir sht up?
  4. But would he want to do it manually or have the bot do it?
  5. what's the purpose of shift dropping?
  6. They have costs too, they have employees they have to pay, website costs. plus their own time investment to administer everything. Plus the risk getting banned as well when taking in the cash.
  7. yes but anytime you hold gold you risk a ban and that ban can make you lose it all, so I will never hold my gold. Sorry
  8. great release!
  9. Version 1 is the old ahunter, version 2 has a lot more customization options both work great. Sometimes I use version 2 and sometimes I use version 1.
  10. What do these people gain from trying to brute force servers?
  11. @TRiLeZ Any plan to add linux support to the Client starter?
  12. How can you be so sure of that?
  13. when's the deluxe bot panel replacement coming
  14. how much resources does 1 client of rs3 used in comparison with 07?