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  1. Please you have to read the instructions before using it, lower your anti-ban/sleep and it won't wait those seconds. Those are delays added by abc10 but the script can work without them.
  2. If you wana know about lifetime prices, I paid $30 for every 2 auths. Meaning I paid $180 to run 12 accounts lifetime.
  3. Just use the games necklace, the amount of people that will have that skillcape is negative, plus it costs 99k.
  4. So confused

    Guess jagex system is working exactly as it was intended, to confuse you.
  5. Memory leaks

    Give them 1024 each and see how it goes
  6. Why do we have to buy credits?

    A chargeback will lead to you losing your tribot account
  7. Why do we have to buy credits?

    that doesn't matter, if the owner of the acc didn't buy the credits, if it was a stolen paypal That would only work if the original acc owner bought the credits with their own paypal.
  8. you probably bought a monthly auth = after 1 month its gone
  9. The delays are due to the antiban, play a little with the slider in the GUI, you can remove all delays like that.
  10. only because you have 5 posts, gotta speed up that post count
  11. Wait you do realize kebbits are the ones you catch with your falcon at lvl 43 hunter? Which the script does support.