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  1. Enano25

    [P] Looking for Experienced Scripter

    Also don't go with Tri, Optimus now as he name changed. Personal experience and a dispute later.
  2. The ability to stop the script based on reaching a certain level or a certain amount of hours played also stop the script.
  3. Enano25

    source code

    Pretty sure a lot of those are deleted once they get their application accepted.
  4. It's super easy to implement what he wants, just check the skill and stop on the lvl.
  5. Enano25

    Avoiding repeated code

    Try to keep 1 action per loop.
  6. Enano25

    Does Tribot actually support VPN's?

    Weird that should work fine with a vpn.
  7. Enano25

    Does Tribot actually support VPN's?

    How exactly are you checking the IP via Tribot. That might be your mistake. Are you pinging a website or using the client to see the IP.