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  1. when will you be releasing another thanks to Tribot I got x item in real life? Always excited to see those!
  2. what about the ones specifically created the by the scripts new creation method?
  3. I have tested account creation, works great. Quick question does it save the accounts created somewhere?
  4. Grats on release
  5. Don't worry deluxes is a master scripter, and will fix this in no time.
  6. what do you mean?
  7. No there aren't if you want the script to have the most xp/h. Regardless cpu usage is already low. If you don't care about xp/h then you can lower cpu usage by setting the client paint delay higher, or disabling graphics, minimizing the client also helps.
  8. Are you running them all under the same IP?
  9. I believe it is discontinued, anyways it's not worth it to use low cpu, if you were somehow to use less cpu you would get less xp/hour and it would end up being worse.
  10. Yep experiencing these too myself.
  11. It's not worth the extra time plus ban chance of leveling another stat to 30 unless you already have it. Get the elite version it's def worth it.
  12. BUMP Waiting for v2. Super excited!
  13. It won't work with the premium version, you will need a lvl 30 stat. (I already tried) Buy the elite version.
  14. Thoughts on using LG and not using LG at zulrah?
  15. I mean this is not very reliable, after the third time she will most probably give up.