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  1. Can you run TriBot on a non GUI version of linux?

    All that effort and time is not worth it, just invest a little more money into renting a better server, your farm will pay for it easily.
  2. There's a pretty big difference between getting 1k and 2k xD, I think back when I did it I got 1000 bars but it wasn't on the automatic dwarfs.
  3. Around how many bars do you get per hour? without coal bag
  4. Building my own server for botting

    Just rent a server online, will be cheaper.
  5. How does one go about getting a refund?

    Man the effort of going through all that procedure to chargeback $8 is not even worth it, just move on or try and use other working scripts.
  6. if you use the proxy on tribot and hook on lg the acc will show as if it was using the proxy.
  7. The tourney worlds has to do with the client and trilez has to update those worlds out, but on Thursday they are probs going out anyways. The script isn't programmed to do tick manipulation at black chins, it was only implemented for reds.
  8. I just ran the script for over 24 hours, you can't just post it keeps freezing every-time without a video. Record it freezing with the log open.