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  1. Enano25

    1 month waiting for a private scritpt scam?

    Honestly I'm surprised you have been this patient and only started this thread until now. Btc payment. Huge red flag. Yes 5 weeks is an extremely long time to wait, and you should not be chasing any premium scripter, they should answer you promptly, this whole situation is a complete mess. If it is tri/leespiker/modolusfrank, ask for a refund already and don't waste any more time. Here is a very similar situation I had to what you are experiencing now. Sad that my negative feedback was removed from his profile, I hope you didn't go with him. Remember that even when you get the script you aren't free from the shitty situation, you'll have to deal with bugs and with someone who doesn't reply to you promptly it will be a complete nightmare and very stressful. It could take weeks for them to fix them and reply to you.
  2. Enano25

    source code

    Pretty sure a lot of those are deleted once they get their application accepted.
  3. It's super easy to implement what he wants, just check the skill and stop on the lvl.
  4. Enano25

    Avoiding repeated code

    Try to keep 1 action per loop.
  5. Enano25

    Does Tribot actually support VPN's?

    Weird that should work fine with a vpn.
  6. Enano25

    Does Tribot actually support VPN's?

    How exactly are you checking the IP via Tribot. That might be your mistake. Are you pinging a website or using the client to see the IP.
  7. Enano25

    VPS or Dedicated?

    Get a dedicated server from the start. Don't waste your time with any vps. Look up wholesaleinternet dedicated servers they have free windows.
  8. Enano25

    Tribot Client Starter

    Remember that when the worlds go offline any tribot client that loads into any world that was offline will simply not load. So try again now and let me know if the issue still happens.
  9. Enano25

    Need help with a script

    what was the script for and what features did it have? 30m is $21, I'm not sure what you expected for only $21, that's almost the price of a monthly sdn auth for a script that tons of people will use.
  10. So why is jagex implementing these changes if they are so easy to overcome? Also what about eagles peak for hunter, a 40 minute easy quest....?
  11. Enano25

    Free Flax Spinner

    what's the gp per hour?
  12. Enano25

    Best way to suicide bot?

    No there's a mod dedicated to working the weekends look her up her name is Acorn.
  13. Enano25

    Jagex is banning based just on total time played

    Do you think it's possible to never fall into that list with current public botting clients?