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  1. Hey mute, could you add extended anti fire potion to be able to detect because it only detects for antifires.
  2. Hey guys, Want some oppinion. I'm now currently 60 atk, 81 str, 3 def Am i ready to stake now ? Or should i train up def because some people on forums saying def actually helps ? Or should i continue train my strength ? I got rape previously with 60 atk, 70 str, and 3 def, lost 7m. I choose option DDS only.
  3. My stats was 60 ATK, 70 STR & 3 Def I put win % at 60 and i lost so much... prolly someone manually win me.
  4. Started at 24Mil Down to 17MIL. Lost so much money.... Was using my pure 60atk, 70def, 3 def.... combat 58.
  5. Assume does the bot calc for pure accounts too ? Btw assume my pure account i'm gonna make a DDS/SCIM. Does it work with it as well ? Instead of using whip after special it uses SCIM.
  6. Hey assume, my account that was using the staking script was dc-ed together both with my other scripts. Now when i ran it it says "The maximum amount of instances for this script has been surpassed. Cannot run script." [Fixed] Thanks nvm.
  7. I can't get any stakes I think my cb is too high for the rest. Anyone can tell me whats the ideal stats to stake ?
  8. The script does not auto find people to stake ? This would be awesome if it can be done.
  9. I see, thanks for the support Been really great help! Does this script allows me to choose multiple mode ? If it doesn't are you planning to add in ?
  10. World 1 seems to be empty right now, Might try the script at a different timing later on. On question is it normal that it kept challenging the same people over and over ? Because my CB is 119 all those 50-70cb tried to challenge me and put in 35k ( My minimum is 50k ) the script then kept challenging them after cancelling the trade when there is 2 person on the list, another one with 66% win rate ( I put in 60%).
  11. I have 96 atk, 96 str, 96 def, 96 hit Which should i use ?
  12. Hey assume just bought your script, what world should i use this at ? And which mode is the most profitable ?
  13. Merry Christmas everyone, How are things working for you ? Is the script currently working well ? I can see that the stats look up have sort of a problem can anyone verify it can still make money.